Rustic Window Treatments

Rustic country decor gives a feeling of a relaxed country style interior, which looks similar to French country decor and Swedish country decor. Rustic decor is coarse and simple to create, and earthy shades like brown, bronze, blond and beige are mostly used. It gives an unfinished look and consists of natural woods, aged materials, and simple lines. To accompany this natural looking home decorating theme with the right windows, use these ideas on rustic window treatments.
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Selecting the Rustic Window Treatments

Keep in mind the tips and tricks mentioned below while selecting the different elements of rustic windows.

  • You can either select a window that matches the existing interior decoration color or go for something which provides a contrast. An example of a contrast color window is to accompany a wrought iron window in a room that has shades of brown or yellow.
  • When selecting the dimension of a window for a room, consider the location of the room and the placement of the window in the room, to control the amount of natural light entering the room.
  • There are many textures of drapery available for rustic windows. Textures like denim, woven, coarse cloth, tweet, batiste, etc. are available; again keep in mind the existing room interior and the amount of natural light while selecting the type of drapery.
  • To add the final touch to your window treatments, select a few accessories and place them near the windows. The accessories are added as accents, so try to go with contrast colors of accessories.

Ideas for Rustic Window Treatments

Mentioned below are the different ideas of rustic window treatments from which you can choose.

  • For a large sized window, go for windows that have shutters. Add swags, which have nice lace edges. Accompany the window with some accessories by hanging baskets.
  • This decorating idea is great as rustic cabin window treatments. If you have medium-sized windows or many small sized windows in a room then try this idea. Go for sliding windows, and bamboo window blinds. The bamboo shutters will filter soft light and give an interesting look to your room in the mornings. If you have a single window, then you can add one or two accessories like a vase of flowers or a small houseplant like English ivy.
  • Windows near the kitchen sink can have shutters. Accompany your kitchen window with semi covering curtains, by placing the curtain rod in the middle of the window. Select a soft translucent cloth for the curtains.
  • To create contrasting rustic window treatments in a room with a single window, try out this idea. Go for a window that has a wrought iron framework, and add a single sliding curtain For an extra touch, consider incorporating blinds like those from Bloomin Blinds San Antonio, which can complement the rustic aesthetic while providing practical light control and add few flowering house plants, to compensate for the black iron color.
  • Here is a rustic decorating idea that is suitable for medium-sized windows. Go for windows that have hand woven shutters, and then place few small accessories like colorful jelly candles on the window sill; and a medium-sized vase with dry flowers of orange shade.

These were few ideas of rustic window treatments, feel free to mix and match the drapery and types of window systems and accessories. Just make sure they match your existing rustic room decor easily, and you will have beautiful rustic windows.

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