How Electric Actuator Can Work Under the Water

Waterproof linear actuators have the most reliable rating of safety among all the others. For example, the PA-06 linear actuator with its IP67 protection rating (International Protection Marking or also interpreted as the Ingress Protection Marking) is the outstanding model of the electric linear actuator capable to perform its work even when being under the water for short periods of time. Such type of linear actuators protection easily can withstand water, dust and many other potentially unwanted environments. Such kind of actuators is often implemented for agriculture, industrial purposes, and of course marine.

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Waterproof linear actuators

Waterproof electric linear actuators were designed to perform their duties even in the areas where critical isolation is the most valuable criteria. This type of electric linear actuators provides reliable operation even when fully submerged under the water or other liquids. Such type of electric linear actuators incorporates waterproof enclosures, which have the hermetically sealed connections. The high-level sealing of the automation detail ensures the best performance of linear motion operations under the extremely wet conditions during floods and high flow. Separate control module is capable to protect essentially important components. It provides a robust and repeatable solution for electric linear actuators submerged in the water for a long period of time.    

Modern water sealed switches of the waterproof actuator and hall effect sensors provide an innovative solution and a warranty of continued functionality when the whole device is located under the water and even subject to a high water stream or pressure. Moreover, waterproof sensors provide one more level of protection. With their help, it is possible to maintain early diagnostic and implement preventive maintenance.

Underwater linear actuators already proved their capability to work under the harshest water conditions. The maintenance and the service process of this technology are easy as a piece of cake as when needed the modular electric enclosure package and cable entries can easily be replaced for new once.

Linear actuator waterproof was designed and oriented to withstand an ongoing abnormally-high pressure, low temperatures and provide remote accessibility of underwater installations. To a great surprise to some, not all the types of linear actuators are suitable to perform its duties in the underwater environment. For example, the gas in pneumatic linear actuators would not work the way it should under the conditions of high underwater pressure. Logically that it would compress and would make the actuator inoperable.

The subsea actuator is an ROV (remotely operated underwater vehicle), which can be operated through the integrated interface panels. Some of the linear actuators purposed for the underwater work are also designed as compact actuators but their main feature is to provide the same torque as their bigger analogs but with a reduced installation footprint. Most of the actuators of such an underwater type are fully integrated. They do not need any external oil filled hoses as well as any compensators, motor drivers, sensors or servo controllers. The current is supplied via a single electrical connector.

Some of the underwater linear actuators are capable to offer high-performance linear motion even at the depth of up to 20,000 meters below the seawater. Such a powerful automation technology has an extremely high power density due to an enhanced thermal motor coils. In addition to other features, the thermal design of the underwater actuators allows them to be overdriven up to three times the standard power rating. This makes underwater linear actuators the versatile solution for different purposes of modern engineering: from the deep-sea exploration missions to the boreholes for freshwater extraction or petroleum reservoir boring.


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