These Home Remedies will help you to get rid of migraine

Most people have complained of headache in this episode and stressful life. This problem often takes the form of migraine. Due to migraine, a part of the head starts to suffer unbearable pain. Many times this pain gets cured in minutes, and sometimes the pain persists for hours. As soon as you get into a stressful environment with normal conditions, your headache and blood pressure are high. If this happens, you will understand that you are becoming a victim of Migraine. In such a way, do not take any pen-killer on your own. Otherwise, you can get rid of Migraine’s pain by adopting some home remedies.

Causes of Migraine

  • High blood pressure
  • Taking more stress
  • Sleep is not complete
  • Due to climate change
  • Excessive use of painkillers

Symptoms of migraine

  • Loss of appetite
  • Sweating more
  • Weakness
    Blurred vision
  • Acute pain in the whole or half of the head
  • Flurry of light
  • Vomiting
  • Do not miss any work

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Home remedies for Migraine

1. Desi Ghee

To get rid of migraine acne, add 2-2 drops of pure country ghee daily to the nose. This will give you relief from its pain.

2. Apple

Eat the empty stomach apple every morning. This is a very effective way to get rid of migraine.

3. Clove Powder

If there is more pain in the head then mix cloves powder and salt together and drink with milk. By doing this headache will disappear quickly.

4. lemon peel

Dip the lemon peel into the sun and make a paste. Applying this pest to the forehead will help you get rid of migraines.

5. spinach and carrot juice

Drink spinach and carrot juice to get rid of migraine’s pain. This will make your pain disappear in minutes.

6. cucumber

Rubbish the slices of cucumber on the head or sniff it. This will give you relief from Migraine’s pain.

7. Ginger

Mix 1 teaspoon ginger juice and honey and drink it. Besides, to remove the pain of migraine, you can also place a piece of ginger in the mouth. Seven of any kind of ginger provides relief in migraine.

Yoga to get rid of migraine

Do yoga and exercise daily to get rid of migraines. Regular and correct ways to do Yoga, your Migraine problem will always be overcome. In the problem of migraine, you can do Aslom-Vileom Pramanayam, Undo Mukha Sawanasan, Janu Sarsasanan, Shishuasan and Setubandha Asana.

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