6 cool Tech Gifts for Everyone

There are certain occasions when you decide to pamper your loved ones with cool gifts, whether it is for men or women. Most of the time, we get confused about what to gift as there are tons of options available to choose from as a gift. Gone are the days when people used to simply get flowers or chocolates as gifts for their loved ones. Time has changed now, and people prefer to give meaningful gifts instead of just a formality. These things can include clothes, diaries, books, etc. But the most trending one nowadays that people prefer to give as gifts is the gadgets. Again, there are tons of options in gadgets to choose from. Here is the list that will help you to choose the right gadget as a gift.

cool Tech Gifts

Beats Headphone

Who does not love to listen to music and that too with the best headphones? If your friend is fed up with the tangled earphones, then this is the right time to give him or her the best headphones by the brand Beats. Beats studio 2.0 Wi Over Ear has gained tremendous popularity in the last few days due to its performance and sound quality. It comes with the best look, best features, and best sound quality. You can buy it from any nearby gadget store, Online store like Addicted to Audio or Amazon at the best price.

GoPro Hero4

If the other person loves to capture the moments into the camera, then this would be the right gift for him. GoPro Hero 4 is a professional camera that can help your loved one capture beautiful memories. If he is not able to buy an expensive digital camera or DSLR, this would be the right option. GoPro Hero 4 is a compact camera that can easily fit into your palm and can be attached anywhere, either at the hood of the car or at the helmet. It can also be taken into a deep dive to capture the moments for up to 40 meters in the water. This compact camera comes with a 12MP sensor, microSD card slot, and 1160 mAh battery. The storage can be extended up to 64GB. Here you can use the phone as a remote to operate this camera in a WIFI mode.


If you have a good budget and wish to give something special to your loved ones, then the iPhone would be the best option for you. You can choose any variant right from 7 to 12, depending upon your budget and preference. Apple products can never go out of fashion. Hence the other person is sure to love this cool gift.

Kindle Paperwhite

If your friend loves to read everywhere, even during traveling, then Kindle Paperwhite would be the best option for him. If your friend is an avid reader, then this gift will certainly cherish his interest. You can also buy the unlimited annual subscription along with it so that your friend can start reading immediately as soon as you give it to him or her.

Fossil Smartwatch

If the person to whom you wish to give a gift is a woman, then you can consider getting this super cool watch for her. Fossil Wander RG Bracelet Rose Gold Smartwatch comes with some unique features, and it is water-resistant. This model comes in a rose gold color and can go easily with any of the outfits. Its elegant design makes it very special as a gift. You can buy it from the fossil website or Amazon.


If your friend has got an old-fashioned LCD tv and wishes to enjoy the cool features of smart TV, then a gadget is the right pick. Google Chromecast 2 Media Streaming Device is the cool gadget launched by google. It will let him or hear anything from any device. The set-up process is simple, and hence it can be used easily in few minutes. So as a surprise, you can install it in advance and let your friend play it directly. This cool device can be available online easily at Amazon and other online gadget shopping stores.

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