How to Get Your Ex Back Using the No-Contact Rule

Relationships are unpredictable. This minute, the two lovers are drooling over each other and the next minute they become sworn enemies. It is always a complex period when a relationship hits the rocks. During this time, the ex-lovers will get a lot of solicited and unsolicited advice from close friends and family members.

It is important to note that relationships have their peculiar situations and what is ideal for a relationship might not work for another. However, one concept that has proven to be effective over time is the no-contact rule. This rule is considered to be a smooth method of getting an ex back with fewer hustles.

The no-contact rule is simply a technique used to get an ex back after a breakup. Most people also use it to get over an abusive ex. This rule is only applicable to the lover who did not make the move to break up a relationship. The essence of this rule is to make sure that there is a shift in power to favor the jilted after a breakup.

How to Get Your Ex Back Using the No-Contact Rule

Managing the No-Contact Period

It is often said that if one is jilted in a relationship, they have an upper hand in determining the direction of the relationship if there’s going to be a relationship. If you want to get back together and you’re thinking of what to do after no contact from your ex, here’s a guide to help you:

Take Some Steps Back

During this time, you have to ensure that you do not initiate any form of communication with your ex regardless of the situation. The rule here is to avoid any contact with your ex-lover for 30 days. While this may prove difficult sometimes especially as you have developed a measure of fondness for them, it is a good way to prove your value to them.

Give Your Ex Breathing Space

no contact rule

Breathing space is necessary to help your ex face the reality of dumping you. If you give them space, they will realize how strong you are without them in your life and this may make them start feeling regretful.

This period is a reality check and a lot of things are bound to happen in a short while. You will be surprised who will be at your doorstep after a few weeks of giving your ex-lover space. Don’t be quick to give in to their demands, remember the goal is to give them space and not to simulate them into an early reaction.

Work on Yourself

It is not enough to want to get your ex back. You also need to work on your personality to make sure that they see an improvement that they can’t afford to miss. Also, try to assess the situation that led to the breakup to find out where you got it wrong. This will enable you to build an even better relationship in the event that reconciliation with your ex doesn’t happen.

If you have a negative habit that you feel causes issues between you and people, this period presents you with an opportunity to get rid of it. If you need tips on how to become a better person, you can check here:

Re-establish Communication

At the expiration of the 30-day period, establish communication. Ensure that it has reached a minimum of 30 days before initiating your first communication. Bear in mind that this strategy has proven to be effective so try not to break it in any way.

Plan for a Strategic Communication

You need to plan on how to initiate communication with your ex-lover. Ensure that you remain positive while holding a conversation. You need to give off a feeling that you are a changed person and also don’t appear desperate while doing so.

Try to keep precise communication and also exude a sense of independence. Regardless of what they say, maintain your composure.

Following these steps diligently will present you with an opportunity to get your ex back easily. When this happens, try to avoid the same issues that caused a breakup in the first instance.

Benefits of the No-Contact Rule

The following are some of the benefits of applying this rule:

Boosts Your Confidence and Self-esteem

There is no better way of making people know your value than keeping a distance. During this time, you will find that your confidence level will increase and you will develop a huge sense of self-belief. Usually, applying this rule has a way of improving your life and making you a better person than before the breakup.

Opens Doors for other Opportunities

There are times when we are likely to feel that getting back a relationship is the best way to stay emotionally stable. This is not always the situation as you can meet an interesting fellow while keeping the no-contact rule. With the new flame, you can start up something fresh and devoid of old drama.

Finally, keeping a relationship requires synergy. You have to play your role and allow your partner to play their role too. Also, try to work on areas you feel are capable of causing issues. This way, you will have a beautiful and enjoyable relationship. If you still need other tips to help you build a relationship, you can check here.


The no-contact rule is man’s creation and it is used to create a needed distance between two ex-lovers. Using this method causes your partner to recognize your true value and make efforts to reconcile. However, it is important that you take note of when to draw the line to avoid losing your ex completely.

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