The automotive industry is considered a very traditional industry where very a small percentage of employees are women. The industry is mainly a male-dominated industry. In the traditional era, women were considered too weak to enter this industry. However, there are many other career choices for women with the advent of feminists and training for women, entry into male-dominated careers has become even more common. Today, it is not surprising to find women mechanics and car maintenance technicians. In fact, there are people who only work with women because they find them to be more careful and ideal in customer care. This, however, does not mean that it is easy for them. Here are a few ways women can break into the automotive industry.

women in automotive industry


Experience, practical experience, where one is able to translate the theoretical training into practical know-how is important. Apprenticeship involves learning under the guidance of renowned personalities in the automotive industry. It allows women to experience what they will in the job market. However, very few men are willing to mentor and train women; as such you not only require to be aggressive but to also make sacrifices. This may include apprenticing without pay. Apprenticeship provides one the opportunity that one requires to break into the industry. Good recommendations require understanding, fast learning, and hard work in order to impress mentors who then are willing to take the risk and recommend you to other people.


Even for men, proper training in mechanics and automotive support is ideal. The first step is to ensure that one receives proper training. Proper training and development of the desired skills can be found in licensed schools. Although the cost of training in reputable institutions could be higher and pricey, it is a worthwhile investment. Many of the training schools require that applicants complete the DSA driving test for easier learning. Proper training does not end with entry into a good school; one also requires passing exams and getting good grades. Many people ignore the theoretical part of the training, thinking that practical experience is more ideal. However, to break into the automotive industry, good grades and proper training are a must.


This does not mean, to become uncouth or rude – rather, aggression, in this case, means being persistent. It is important to remember that very few people are willing to give you the chance, therefore be persistent and willing to compromise on salary and allowances to prove yourself. It is also important to go the extra mile for those who have given you a chance. Clients to whom you have done something extra, however small are more willing to return for further services and therefore give you another chance. The automotive industry may be a hard industry to break into, but continued development and exposure are making the process much easier for those who are willing and persistent enough to gain the right skills. Many of the successful women in this industry, speak of competitive skills, unequaled by others, sacrifice, and total dedication to their careers before they could start enjoying even a small percentage of success.

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