3 Fashion Tips and Looks to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone This Summer

There’s nothing like getting up in the morning, putting on an outfit you love, and taking a long look in the mirror. Hot damn! You look good and are ready to take on the whole wide world.

But while we all want to dress to impress, it isn’t always easy to feel like a superstar. Indeed, we fall into ruts and start to wear the same things over and over. And we all sometimes have trouble keeping up with the latest styles, especially as we get older and have more responsibilities.

All that might be understandable, but it still can just come off as excuses. And none of this will help you feel more fashionable this year. So, if you want to stay slaying this summer, you’ll need to try something new and take a few risks.

There’s no need to go overboard and get crazy, but a few tweaks and little changes can do a world of good. Specifically, adopting the following three pieces of summer fashion advice will keep you turning heads.

Fashion Tips

1. Be a Little Daring

There’s a fine line between a look that’s a little bit adventurous and one that’s just trashy. The goal is to find the sweet spot and project the right image, and nothing works better than a chic summer dress. Sure, it’s always easy to just pull the old standbys out of the closet. But this season, try to get out of your comfort zone — whatever that means for you. Maybe it’s going low cut, backless or strapless. No matter what you decide, though, do something that makes you feel a little bit of a daredevil.

2. Project Confidence

Sometimes, the most important part of your outfit is one that few people will even see. Whether you’re rocking something daring or down-home, the way you wear something can often be more important than what you wear. This is one great reason to pair your favorite summer dress or outfit with something a little bit sexy underneath. Try out some lingerie or the perfect garters. Not only can these pieces suggest a bit more elegance or sex appeal, but you will also feel different the moment you put them on.

3. Accessorize Like a Star

With a lot of outfits, it’s the details that matter. Even if you’re just wearing a simple button-down and routine shorts, you can really jazz things up quickly with a little extra flair. Wear a flashy necklace, throw a kerchief or other hair accessories in your doo, or pair those jeans with a loud, colorful belt. Especially in the warmer months when you’re not wearing much, it’s easy to allow an accessory to become the hero of your outfit.

Looking Your Best All Season Long

We all have our own type of style. In general, you probably know what types of clothing you can pull off and what apparel just makes you feel awkward. These instincts will generally do you well. But, at the same time, you don’t want to grow complacent and boring in your fashion choices.

This summer, don’t be dull. Get out of that comfort zone with some daring outfits, project confidence with some sex appeal, and learn how to accessorize like a superstar.

Along with all the other tips and tricks you’ve picked up over the years, these small changes can make a big difference. With just a little bit of creativity and the right attitude, you’ll be looking your best all summer long.


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