Three Ways to Promote Your Yoga Blog

Building a yoga blog is always a hard, long process that you need to take your time to do it properly. It requires a lot of hard work before you even see some results and you really have to be dedicated to success with your blog.

And, one industry seems to be thriving. That’s right, there are so many wellness blogs online that you can read a new one every day of the month and not run out of different websites.

So, how do you cut through the noise in such a competitive niche? Truth is, everything is possible if you create a plan and you follow it in order to create a one-of-a-kind online space where people read, learn, and share their opinion with you. Let’s go over three different things that can help you with getting your yoga blog more popular and gaining readership.

Yoga Blog

Focus on the technical side of content creation and optimization.

Most people that are starting a website for the first time have no idea about website optimization. But the truth is, search engine optimization is what will help you create an opportunity for you to gain an organic readership without having to spend an absurd amount of money on advertising.

For blog posts keyword research and on-page SEO are a must, as those will be the main factors that will help you rank which in turn will bring in the much-needed people to your articles organically.

While it all sounds fairly simple, both keyword research and on-page SEO require you to spend some time researching and understanding the user’s search intent behind the queries you see provided by the tools you use. That’s why it’s best if you either hire someone to do it for you or just spend time at an SEO agency learning the craft.

Start building relationships with other affluent people in the niche.

Your blog is your place on the internet where you can write, publish, and share whatever you see fit.

But great things are built with hundreds of people, so why don’t you use influencers in your niche to help build your audience.

The truth is there are thousands of wellness enthusiasts with small to medium-sized audiences that don’t have a place to share their ideas on the topic of yoga, you can provide them that space. That way they get to build their audience on your blog and you get the traffic from their following. It’s a win-win situation.

Don’t be afraid to create content on other places as well.

The internet thrives on content, and there’s nothing wrong if you write content on other platforms as well.

Make sure you’re smart enough about it and market your own blog in a smart way otherwise it might end up looking like spam. Share things that you would on your website, just make them exclusive on other platforms.

A perfect example would be content for Instagram or Facebook only, which perfectly ties in with the content published on your website. It should be valuable enough by itself but tied in with the content on your blog.

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