Understanding Seasonal Affective Disorder

Sadness is a frequent feeling in a normal human. This is also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder. This is a feeling however similar to depression. It results in a low mood and more tearful symptoms. You may feel an increased level of agitation, anxiety, irritability, and stress. Going through the state a person can experience the feeling of tiredness, lethargy and having less interest in physical or mental interests.

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A state of mental tiredness is found when the person is physically exhausted for a long period of time. Sadness is a condition generally referred to as lethargy, tiredness, listlessness, and exhaustion. It depicts a tired and weak physical and mental condition, where the person is unable to execute its daily physical activities at a normal level. However, people experiencing mental fatigue and feel more tired and sleepy, resulting not even concentrate properly in doing an activity.

Tons of reasons are there which causes fatigue in the human body. It is a state of muscle weakness and deficiency of strength. Generally, treatment centers carry out a strength test to diagnose the level of stress and to find out the causes of fatigue. The following are some of the reasons for feeling fatigue.

Nutritional deficiencies in diet

Sometimes it is seen that lack of proper diet and a few nutritional deficiency diseases such as anemia caused fatigue. These things are mostly found in women and can be reduced with proper intake of iron supplements.

Mental Disorder

Bad mental conditions like depression can be a cause of fatigue. While you are not sound in terms of mind you cannot feel the energy. People with depression always feel sad. They need to see a therapist or a counselor in order to get rid of the situation as soon as possible. Depending on the severity of the case, people who struggle with depression and other mental disorders are recommended to go through therapy sessions, take medication, and sometimes they are also advised to go to depression rehab centers.

Inadequate Sleep

Sleep is quite necessary for a healthy state of mind. Lack of adequate sleep may lead to fatigue.

Extreme Work out

The healthy habits of exercising are an approach to enhance your productivity. It leaves you with the refreshed and energetic feeling. But if it is not followed by correct diet and sufficient rest, then soon you will land-up with tired and fatigue feeling. Thus, some people work out too much thinking that they will get a good result soon but it only ends up with body fatigue and exhaustion.

Smoking Cigarette

As you all know it damages the body in many manners when you lit a cigarette. Smoking causes building up tars within the bronchioles and leads to thickening of its walls which effect fatigue feeling.

Extreme Stress

Some practical stress of life like the pain of the loss of loved ones or intense financial stress can also direct to fatigue. In such a situation people may think that there is nothing left to live for them in life. Such sad and depressed thoughts seriously make them unable to perform their daily tasks.

The Undiagnosed heart disease

Sometimes people had mistaken the constant tires, like laziness. Actually, it may be a signal of undiagnosed heart disease. Life is short and it should live with feeling energetic. Therefore if any of the above cause makes you fatigued you address just address the problem as soon as possible.

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