6 Smart Ways to Make Your Living Room Look Bigger

Our space is holy to us. It is here we think, grow and get better. It is a solitary space that protects us from the world outside. That is why our room should not be just a space but a feeling.

A feeling of home – no matter what the size is. Our room plays a very important part in our lives. That is why it should be specially decorated so that we leave a bit of us here in the physical space of our rooms.

The rooms that we inhabit store a lot of our energy and vice-versa. The energy or vibe of the energy affects our room as well. That is why people make such efforts to make their room look clean and nice.

But in modern living, space is a huge issue. Most times we have to take a tough call between aesthetics and practicality. But wouldn’t it be so good to have both?

Modern living is also a sign of innovation. Where we strive against odds and make the best out of what we have got. Some smallest flats over the world are smartly built so that they can accommodate more than what is expected to.

So are you trying to get your room to appear bigger than it is? You can do it with the help of some decorating tips that will give a magnifying effect to your room.

Living Room

Keep the walls white

White walls reflect all the light off. This makes the room look appear bigger. Even if you don’t want to keep white paint, using nice wallpapers is a good alternative.

Even if it is not completely white, anything with a white dominating palette also helps.

Storage system

The biggest problem with small rooms is storage. The space that basic items need cannot be compromised. That is why smart storing is getting so popular.

One of the most difficult parts about moving is that we have to move with all our belongings to another new place and find space for them. This gets difficult. That is why you should seek help. With self-storage and storage solutions in Melbourne, moving and storage will become easier.

With expert solutions, even many things will be accommodated in small places.


Adding huge mirrors in your room is a good idea to make it appear big. These mirrors also reflect a lot of light thereby making the space look bigger than they are.

Adding some plants by the mirror gives a very good aesthetic and expands the space in appearance due to the reflection. Mirrors are also useful so there is no unnecessary occupation.

Use folding furniture

We don’t need furniture for this optimum use all day. For example, we need the bed only to sleep at night. But the rest of the day it is just lying and occupying space. We could’ve otherwise used this space for multiple other things.

That is why always invest in folding furniture that will help you move unnecessary stuff when you don’t need it.

Keep the window open

Whenever possible, keep the windows in your room open. Not only it allows good air circulation but also frees up space.

The light that enters the space will make it look bigger and it will also clean the energy in your room.

You will see an instant change in the aura of your room when you open the windows. This will remove the claustrophobic effect that closed rooms can have.

Declutter regularly

One of the best things about small rooms is that it allows you to declutter regularly. It becomes necessary to clear clutter very frequently when you’re living in small rooms.

The more you do this, the bigger your room will look. This also gives you the opportunity to develop the habit of letting go of things that don’t serve you.

Thus now that you know how to make your room look bigger, go ahead, remove the unnecessary things. Make space for things of priority. But don’t forget to add a bit of you in decorating the space. Because in the end, big or small, a space becomes a room of your own only when you add your vibe to it. Thus, use these tips to make your house a home.

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