How to Use Infrared Light Therapy

Infrared light therapy has been immensely popular among peers over the last few decades for its widespread benefits. However, due to incorrect use, many users cannot gain the benefits of infrared light therapy.

For infrared light therapy, users will need to expose themselves to an infrared therapy device emitting specific infrared wavelengths for a certain time.  Here, we will discuss the correct way to use infrared light therapy.

How to Use Infrared Light Therapy

How to Use Infrared Light Therapy?

Infrared wavelengths are invisible to human eyes. Therefore, if anyone is using an infrared light therapy device, they will need to be cautious about using it properly.

Most infrared light therapy devices emit a near-infrared spectrum ranging from 810 – 870 nm. Depending on the device brand, these devices may need to keep the user 6” – 30” apart to receive the best light irradiance.

There are three ways users can receive infrared light therapy:

  • Infrared therapy center
  • Near-infrared light therapy devices
  • Infrared saunas

Let’s discuss them separately right below:

Infrared Therapy Center

As light therapy becomes popular, several therapy centers have included infrared light therapy in their therapy options. In these therapy centers, near-infrared and red light wavelengths are used to help users with numerous healthcare and skincare benefits.

In an infrared therapy center, a powerful medical-grade device is used, and a trained professional supervises the whole therapy session to avoid any accident.

Users who want to receive infrared light therapy from a therapy center will need to book an appointment beforehand to get this therapy. At their appointed time, they will be asked to remove their clothes, wear protective goggles and clothes if necessary, and spend 15 -20 minutes under the therapy light. The therapy length can increase to 40 minutes in some cases.

One may need to have 8 -10 light therapy sessions in an infrared saloon to get the desired result from this therapy. Different therapy centers, gyms, and hotels will offer this therapy to general users.

Near-infrared Light Therapy Devices

Suppose anyone wants to avoid the hassle of making appointments and receive infrared therapy in their home’s comfort. In that case, they can easily find a near-infrared light therapy device to use conveniently. These devices come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate the user’s specific needs.

One will simply need to turn on these devices and stay under the light for 15 -20 minutes. During this time, they can conduct simple chores. This will not interfere with the therapy session.

Near-infrared devices are available to buy online. One will need to simply place their order, and the therapy device will be delivered to their home. Though these devices are convenient to use, most near-infrared light therapy devices are medical-grade II devices. They will not give you the exact effective benefits as the therapy saloon ones, and the results are not permanent.

Infrared Sauna

If anyone wants to have the benefits of infrared light therapy, infrared saunas are their best bet. These saunas utilize infrared rays to heat up the sauna instead of hot air and water vapor. Thus, users can sit comfortably in those saunas and relax. A wide variety of outdoor infrared sauna for sale online that you could consider buying and take advantage of.

Infrared rays can travel deeper into the body and heat up body cells. Thus, the human body becomes a hostile environment for many bacteria and fungus. Also, the heat in infrared saunas is kept between 120 – 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, no harm can occur to the body and skin.

However, overexposure can burn the inside of the user’s body. Thus, it is better to seek an expert opinion to administer these mishaps. Many old and new saunas have included infrared saunas as their exceptional market. Researchers are finding ways to make infrared more user-friendly.


Don’t wear heavy clothes while getting red light therapy. It will make your therapy session dull and ineffective.

Before getting full body light therapy, make sure to check on your wrists to avoid any side effects. Once your wrist is exposed to the light, wait to see if there is any redness or itchiness on your wrists. Once you know it is safe for your skin, you can use it regularly.

Also, gradually increase the therapy time. For the first session, use the device for just 10 minutes. Then gradually increase the therapy session length to 20 minutes. After getting the desired therapy results, one can reduce the frequency of getting this therapy.

Bottom Line

Infrared light therapy has been an excellent means of therapy as it can address numerous skincare and health benefits. In the future, we may see more and more functions of this therapy.

Depending on the user’s choice, they can receive infrared light therapy using any of the three methods mentioned above. However, we recommend getting a light therapy device with near-infrared wavelengths. This way, users will be able to get this therapy conveniently in their home comfort.

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