The best tools for transcribing in marketing research

Marketing is rather a popular sector these days. From one point of view, you can easily grasp the gist and help others with their marketing strategies. But on the other hand, there are so many things to learn. Sometimes you can’t become the best but chance. You should work hard, look for effective tools and make your knowledge power work for you.

You must know lots of market research tools. Some of them are simple to use. Others don’t have any practical sense. If you’re into this topic, you must have heard about the market research transcription tools for effective work alone or together in a team.

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Time to become a better marketing expert with help from transcription services

Managing marketing research is a tiring activity. Sometimes, you get more than you can handle. There are different types of materials you deal with when working with marketing research. In most cases, these are tons of videos and audio files. And it is complicated to find enough time to watch all the videos, listen to the audio and get to know the content. What are the chances you will cope with everything on time? Marketing research should be done properly, and we have something helpful for you.

If you need real assistance with the research, it’s time to use a transcription service to meet your working goals faster. Why should you go for the transcription service help? Let’s look at some common situations when you might need extra assistance with the content:

● Marketing research starts with the material to be learned. When you listen to the live meetings, you don’t always have some extra time to take notes and put down necessary ideas. But it is important to note every insight that comes to your mind. In this case, help from the transcription services is vividly important. You don’t need to bother yourself with the notes. You can record the meeting and then transcribe everything to have well-organized material on hand.

● When you listen to an important guest or communicate with the audience, you need to note down the feedback. But in most cases, listening carefully and trying to remember something afterward is all that’s left for you. So, it is necessary to find a good transcription company to manage these necessary tasks for you.

● It often happens that you receive lots of video materials that you need to look through. But it isn’t the most effective way of spending your precious hours. Instead of watching the videos, you can get the transcript and work with the text. It’s more convenient, and it will make your marketing research better.

When dealing with marketing materials, you often need to transcribe audio. In this case, you can’t go without help from the transcription tools.

Best English audio text transcription tools for your effective marketing research

On the market, there are so many variations of tools for transcription work. You may get real struggles with the list of possible tool options. It is always better to check on the top positions to catch difficult words, make notes and consume the material easier. In most cases, online transcription services are the most effective tools for well-developed research. Here are some truly working companies you may try.


Let’s start with one of the most prominent online services for text transcripts. If you need help with the audio or video text, you should first go for the transcriberry. It is a proven way to get the material fast. What perks are waiting for you when you decide to try the company’s website?

● In most cases, online services deal either with audio or video materials. But here, you don’t need to choose or go and look for alternatives. You can do both because the services can cope with different types of materials. Just upload your file, and you’re ready to go.

● The website also offers quite a competitive quality. When you order a task, you should expect a truly impressive result. Up to 95% of the exact information will be sent to your email on time.

● When choosing the website, you can get benefits from two future features. The first one lies in the subtitles option, and the second is the translation feature.

Quality is a must for the service. And you can’t deny how helpful it is for marketing research.


Let’s move to another tool for effective marketing research. This website offers good-quality transcription services for everyone who uploads the file on the platform. You can also benefit from audio and video transcriptions. The quality is also great because most users are satisfied with the final results. And the price of the services is quite compatible.


This tool is also frequently used by marketing experts who seek help with their working materials. What is great about this service is the subtitle option. You don’t need to look for coherent subtitles online. All you need is to upload the file with the video to the platform, and you get your text done. The website also features the basic options, which make the use of the service very helpful for a different range of purposes.

Let’s sum it up

It is important to use additional online devices to perform structured marketing research. The tools may vary from helpful to less important ones. We offer you the 3 most used services for text transcription. The importance of these tools can’t be underestimated. They help you in a lot of working processes and make you finish the tasks faster. You don’t need to work on the video or audio materials. The tools from the list will do it for you. And the fees are also acceptable for the amount of work these tools perform.

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