What If I Buy Car Odometer Rollback? – All the Risks You Should Know About

Thanks to attractive ads and targeted marketing, a lot of people think about purchasing odometer rollback units. They are quite promising and it’s easy to say – why not? However, things aren’t as simple as they seem. Such devices don’t change the mileage without consequences – they either affect your vehicle negatively or cause serious legal trouble. The former is less of a problem when you think about the fines you’ll have to pay. Odometer fraud falls under federal crime in the US, which is why you should think carefully before you rush into buying such a tool. You could buy the mileage programmer and risk everything, or you could purchase the mileage blocker from SuperKilometerFilter. The latter is a superior alternative and you’ll see why below.

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What is the odometer correction tool?

The mileage programmer isn’t the same as the mileage blocker from SuperKilometerFilter. It’s a synonymous name that indicates on a good ol’ odometer correction tool. It’s a device that is capable of reprogramming the odometer i.e. rolling back unwanted miles. It sounds attractive, however, it’s quite risky to use such a tool.

What risks are associated with the mileage correction tool?

The mileage correction tool is associated with numerous risks, including legal and safety issues. It promises to do a lot, but, in reality, its benefits aren’t worth all the trouble. Let’s discuss all the risks in depth so that you understand what to expect slightly better.


The odometer adjustment tool can cause legal trouble

The odometer adjustment tool can easily cause legal trouble. As a federal crime, it is regulated with serious fines and even jail time. It depends on how many times you’ve committed fraud before, but trust me, it will still cost you a lot if you do it for the first time.

Moreover, the odometer adjustment tool doesn’t work that well with digital odometers. Yes, it can rewind mileage on the trip meter, but it can’t change anything in control units. This means that it only takes diagnostic equipment to reveal the discrepancies.

The mileage blocker from superkilometerfilter.com is way more ethical as it’s meant for testing the functionalities of your car. It works perfectly with digital odometers as it stops recording the distance in all control units. In other words, it offers undetectable performance.

Even the best mileage correction tool could damage your car

Another huge risk that even the best mileage correction tool contains is the fact that it can potentially damage your car. Such units are programmed to work with every vehicle that has ever existed. They aren’t tailored to the specs of your car, therefore, anything could go wrong in the process.

Some models of the best mileage correction tool require you to cut and connect cables, which can also be dangerous to your vehicle.

What’s the solution, then?

The easiest solution is to purchase the mileage blocker from superkilometerfilter.com instead. It allows you to double-check the functionalities of your car effortlessly. It’s a high-quality device that delivers versatility no matter what. The kilometer stopper from superkilometerfilter.com comes with a plug-and-play module, which guarantees safe and secure operation. It’s superior to the odometer correction tools and you’ve seen the reasons yourself. Good luck!

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