52 Khatrimaza Movies Download Alternatives 2020 HD

Khatrimaza is an online movie streaming website that offers a full fledge entertainment package for online streamers. This platform offers uninterrupted video streaming for TV shows, movies, reality shows, and other entertainment packages. You can watch and download movies in different languages like Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam, Hindi, English and other languages. So, it is a good all in one package for movies lovers.

Is Khatrimaza legal?

We can’t say that websites like Khatrimaza are legal. However, they are providing new and old movies online free by using different proxy services. Once you look for khatrimaza in Google. You will find a lot of mirror sites that look the same as khatrimaza. These websites use proxy services to provide you online free streaming.

Who is for khatrimaza?

Khatrimaza has an extensive collection of movies of different genres such as romance, action, thriller, horror, period, and many more. The popularity of khatrimaza is such that most of the online users prefer to watch movies online on khatrimaza instead of going to multiplexes. It is because khatrimaza offers quality video streaming in 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, and Bluray. However, they don’t stream movies on their channel but are using third-party platforms for movie streaming.

Khatrimaza Pros

1. Khatrimaza platform is for movie lovers who love to watch movies extensively online.
2. You can watch movies of different genres in one platform.
3. HD quality streaming is available at khatrimaza.

Khatrimaza Cons

1. They don’t have copyright for movie streaming however they use third-party streaming so we can’t say whether it is legal or illegal.
2. Sometimes, you will be engaged with broken links that don’t work.
3. You could be misguided by a lot of ads along with streaming that can disturb your online movies watching experience.

Khatrimaza is a good platform for online movie streaming but still, there are a lot of alternative options available online. If you are looking for khatrimaza alternatives for different experiences and tastes. Please check below our list below:


50 Khatrimaza Download Movies Hd Alternatives sites and Apps

1. Good Old YouTube

Old YouTube will feature to upload feature-length films illegally and quickly disappear because of its YouTube’s algorithms. As per the service, it is possible to have numerous licensed films to watch for free. You can access YouTube’s homepage to view the list of movies within the Movies & Shows channel. Just tap the View All option and navigate to the category “Free to Watch”. There is numerous quality available with multiple kid-friendly content to watch.

2. Top Documentary Films

If you prefer to watch online documentary movies then you can find numerous movies on the Top Documentary Films website. They packed with various selection such as Future by Design, Square One, and other amateur documentary movies like The Smash Brothers. Users can access the various genres or categories, recently added movies, or go through the top-most documentaries to locate. There are multiple options available to watch your favorite movies.

3. Retrovision

Within the Retrovision website, you can easily locate similar content available on Classic Cinema Online or Big Five Glories. It is an excellent package of free streaming movies, public domain, and also older to use. You can watch some flicks from bygone eras like The Black Brigade, Battle Beyond the Sun, and Aces & Eights. It is very pleasant with its site navigation and also organization. Sidebar highlights various genes like characters, special actors, cartoons, crime, and as well as film noir.

5. Big Five Glories

With the help of its subtitle, this website will tribute vintage or classic movies. As you guess, the Big Five Glories website will dedicate for users to view the public domain cinema. You can find older fare movies like The Scar (noir gems), Charlie Chaplin classic The Kid, and The OId Dark House. The Homepage of this website will feature the “Now Playing” section. Users can easily filter to locate the movie depending on its quality flicks and rating. If your favorite movie is not available then it may vary the displaying results.

6. Free Movies Cinema

As per the site name, you can watch free movie streaming legally on the Free Movies Cinema website. Similar to other popular websites, they also offer various general categories such as Short films, Comedy, Action, and many more. Depending on the video games and using a similar name, you can find some fan-made movies like Watch Dogs, Portal, etc.

7. The Roku Channel  

Never get fooled by viewing the Roku Channel’s name. This is available to watch movies on the web and as well as Roku streaming devices through an app as khatrimaza does. Just a few clicks to stream or watch anything from Fury to Stranger than Fiction. There are numerous selections and categories that help to find Family Night, Mysteries, and Martial Arts. You can watch online movies for free and sit through various advertisements.

8. Veoh

Veoh website will allow users to stream or watch numerous TV shows and movies. This is another best YouTube alternative website and users can upload their user-submitted video content. You can easily browse & locate your favorite movie using Veoh’s filters. Sometimes, users may get inappropriate advertisements or the video may not available. This is another best movie site to watch legally.

9. Classic Cinema Online

As per the site name, you can find numerous classic movies on the Classic Cinema Online website. This website will showcase the red theater curtains effect and it’s aesthetic will impress a dedicated retro vibe. Users can easily find classic movies like Citizen Kane, The Thin Man, Pinocchio, and many more. According to the definition, the Classic Cinema Online website is another best site to watch old-school movies.

10. Pluto TV

Pluto TV website will offer numerous options and features to utilize. Make use of the “Live TV” category to watch numerous TV channels similar to a traditional cable. Movies category will display the list of old classic movies, recently added movies, and many more. If you are unable to find your live stations then utilize the “On Demand” feature. This website will offer numerous free movies to stream legally.

11. SnagFilms

SnagFilms website is another best alternative site for Netflix. This site will publish numerous fresh content and unique categories like Explore the World, Athletes & Their Triumphs, etc. It has a huge database including numerous documentaries, TV shows, and movies. You can also find a separate section to view the original comedy shorts and a fantastic category for classic movies. SnagFilms website is a gem with well-known fare to showcase the under-the-radar films and TV shows.

12. CONtv

CONtv website is formerly called Viewster. This website will inspire video games to showcase numerous TV shows and anime content. Users can easily browse & locate their favorite movies for free include some horror B-films. The entire content on this website is free to watch and sometimes it may require a subscription to access.

13. Internet Archive

The Internet Archive website is another non-profit digital database within the public domain to hold numerous digital works. This website includes books, images, music, TV shows, movies, and many more. Users can easily browse & locate their favorite movies starting from the mid-1900s to 2020. Apart from other websites, the Internet Archive website has only limited video content to list.

14. Yidio

Yidio is another new streaming website available across the online platform. This is another best search engine that helps the users to browse & locate free movies. Users will prompt to sign up or register for an account for its site access. This is another great tool and assists the users to find their best free available online movies.

15. Kanopy

Kanopy is another most interesting website for free online movie streaming within this list. It is essential to utilize a library card from the available supported library. You must create an account to access the site’s features and functionalities. Access your account to view numerous movies available within multiple categories or genres. You won’t experience any ads while watching the movies online through the Kanopy website.

16. Streamlord.com

Stream Lord is an ad-free website, works efficiently & fast, and also much easier to use. Users can utilize the free account registration to access the website properly. However, it is also possible to browse the entire streaming content without logging in. While using the Silk web browser, you can encounter some advertisements. Steam Lord is another best option for viewers to download content or upload subtitles.

17. FilmRise

FilmRise streaming website has numerous TV shows and movie titles for viewing. This website is more popular because of its wide range of classic or vintage movies. You can also install the FilmRise app on any electronic devices without any hassle. A few of them like iPhone, Android, Roku, Fire TV, Amazon Firestick, and many more.

18. Oakmovies.com

With the same layout and design as Gostream, the Oakmovies website is another best option for safe & fast online streaming sites like khatrimaza. Most of the videos are available in HD (High Definition) 720p quality for excellent and optimum viewing. Users can press the play icon once to view the movies without any advertisements on this site.

19. YouTube

YouTube is another popular site available across the online platform for free video streaming. Many users are not aware that YouTube will offer numerous free movies to watch from various categories or genres. It is not essential to register or sign up to access the YouTube platform. Make use of your Google (Gmail) account to access or watch free movies. You can view the list of updated best free movies to watch on its homepage from anywhere.

20. Yesmovies.ag

Yesmovies is another favorite website to access everywhere with its clean interface. Make use of its simple search tool to browse & locate your favorite movies or TV shows. For easy access, you can view the page top-side to press the TV Shows & Movies Category. Yesmovies will offer a great feature of accessing the News tab to provide current events of various TV shows and Movies. Just press the Play icon to watch a movie without any hassle. You can gain an awesome and excellent streaming experience by using the High Definition quality links.

21. SpaceMov

SpaceMov is one of the best streaming websites to host 1080p resolution videos with an HD (High Definition) experience. The main menu has numerous options for searching through Country, Category, Genre, and many more. SpaceMov offers the best feature to showcase the Watch Trailer icon and its respective movie description. Make your unique choice for online streaming by using the available numerous sources.

22. Vidcloud

Vidcloud, another best website to watch or stream online movies for free. It includes numerous high definition 1080p resolutions movies and never display any advertisements. Just select your favorite TV show or movie and press the title name to play the video. It features an awesome user-friendly interface and also a related section to provide your streaming suggestions.

23. Vudu

There are numerous platforms available to purchase TV episodes and movies across the online marketplace. Vudu website will offer free streaming content along with some advertisements. It has a wide range of reports and catalog to display the list of free movies. You can also get Vudu on various electronic devices.

Some of them like tablets, phones, Bluray players, Smart TVs, streaming devices, game consoles, and computers. It is essential to sign up or register for an account to utilize the Vudu website & apps using your free Vudu account. Users can watch some favorite movies like Batman Forever, Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist, and La La Land.

24. Peacock TV

On 15th July 2020, Peacock TV was officially launched as the new streaming platform from NBC. This online streaming website includes numerous live channels, TV shows, and free movies to watch or stream. There are numerous reasons for users to access the Peacock TV website from its release. Some of them are free plans, smooth playback, and an impressive content library. It is also possible to install this app on Apple TV, Android devices, iOS, Roku, Fire TV, and Amazon Firestick.

25. IMDb TV

Are you aware that some premier movie database will also host free movies to watch? IMDb TV service will allow users to create a free account for watching numerous TV shows and movies free. Apart from online watching, users can also enjoy streaming this content on other devices like Fire TV. They include some best movies like Air Force One, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, A Few Good Men, etc. Users can also enjoy watching the IMDb originals and TV series.

26. 123moviesgo.ga

123Movies website is another long-standing and most popular site like khatrimaza available within the list. Without any pop-ups or advertisements, you can watch the available movies in 1080p resolution. The site homepage is user-friendly and simple to feature along with Category options and a Search bar. After selecting your favorite movie, just press the Play icon to start watching the movie.

27. Solarmovies.co

Solarmovies is another new TV show and movie website to gain popularity across the online platform. You can find numerous high-quality links for watching their favorite TV shows or movies. Users can access their free account for receiving current updates and more. You can gain a customized streaming experience by filtering the movies with Categories like Country, Genre, etc.

28. VexMovies

VexMovies is a new website across the streaming industry and becomes popular with global users. This interface will never display and pop-up notifications and advertisements. Users can watch free high-quality movies online without any registration process. It is also possible to get a free premium streaming experience. Moreover, the VexMovies website is well-categorized with its video content.

Make use of the advanced search facility to browse & locate your favorite movies within minutes. The search bar will display the entire list of movies available within the 123Movies collection. You can view the entire information of a movie such as country, IMDB rating, storyline, and many more. It is worth to give a try by accessing this free online movie streaming website.

29. GoStream

GoStream is another fast working website that includes numerous movies for free online movie streaming. While selecting the links, it will play automatically with 720p high definition video quality. This website will offer a user-friendly interface and much easier to work on any electronic device. Moreover, users can watch movies without any pop-ups or advertisements. But, it is not possible to view any web series or TV shows on this website.

30. PutLocker

The interface of this PutLocker website is similar to FMovies, SolarMovie, and 123movies sites. This website will include the most popular TV series and as well as movies. By using multiple options, you can select your favorite movie depending on the A-Z list, Top IMDB, Country, and Genre. The most common genres are history, drama, comedy, animation, adventure, action, and many more.

Most of the TV series and movies are available in high definition quality. Users will never get a pop-up notification but may experience some advertisements while watching the movies. Just press the Play icon to instantly start the movie streaming.

31. FreeFlix

FreeFlix is another best platform for watching or streaming free online movies without registration. Similar to the MoviesJoy site, the interface is clean and neat without any pop-ups or advertisements. Users can get multiple options for exploring movies like a year, genre, most viewed, and release date. Moreover, you find a wide range of Hollywood movies to watch.

It will feature movies with details such as votes, release date, director, country, synopsis, and more. There are three different servers like Rapidvideo, Streamango, and Openload for streaming movies. In India, both servers like Streamango and Openload are already blocked from access. To overcome this issue, it is advisable to access the Rapidvideo server to stream movies.

32. Yify TV

If you are not fulfilled with accessing other online streaming sites then you can try accessing the Yify TV website. Users can watch online full movies for free. Make use of the advanced search option for browsing & locating movies with the help of year and genre. Yify TV site will offer you to access movies in 27 different languages and also in high definition video quality. Sometimes, your movie will start play immediately or it may take a minute to buffer. While watching free online movies, you may receive some pop-ups and advertisements.

33. AZMovies

AZMovies is one of the long-standing and most popular online streaming websites available across the online platform. You can find the best movie collections with high-quality streaming like 720p and 1080p resolutions. Without any limits, you can watch your favorite movies and enjoy free access.

34. HD Movies

HD Movies is another best website to stream TV shows and movies in HD quality without registration. As per the name, it implies only to offer high definition movies. Some of the movie categories are years, genre, Top IMDB, all movies, and newly added. Users can also watch a few most popular TV shows such as Daredevil, Dexter, Mr. Robot, and many more. Apart from the movie collections, the less collection for TV shows. To gain the best experience, you can also utilize the Adblocker extension to close various pop-up notifications.

35. 5Movies

Without registration or sign up, you can watch free online movie streaming on the 5Movies website. This is the most popular website across the online streaming platform. Users can stream or watch a cartoon, anime, TV series, and movies. It includes a wide range of Asian dramas collection for a user’s benefit. Similar to the SolarMovie site, they are well-organized to offer numerous streaming link for any specific video content. The neat layout will allow users to stream any movie or TV show without any hindrance. Moreover, streaming speed is fast & good and offers numerous features to utilize.

36. RainierLand

RainierLand website will allow you to stream TV series and movies in high quality without sign-up or registration. Users can also find some short movies depending on their name, views, rating, and release date. This applies to TV shows and as well as movies. Make use of the search bar to browse & locate any specific movies and TV shows. Without any interference, you can press the play the TV shows or movies in high quality.

37. Crackle

You can find a wide range of original production and syndicated content by accessing the Crackle website. Users can find numerous quality movies depending on various selections. A few of them like The Exorcism of Emily Rose, The Blob, Dracula, and various comedy movies. They also feature some TV shows like Snatch series, Hell’s Kitchen, Charlie’s Angels, etc. Crackle website is another best and popular free Roku channel with numerous shows and movies.

38. Movie4u

Movie4U is another oldest free online movie streaming site available on this khatrimaza alternatives list. Without creating or registering for an account, you can watch or stream free online movies. It also has a huge database of web series and as well as TV shows. Most of the video content like TV shows and movies are available in HD quality.

However, it is not possible to find the latest movies on this website. Make use of the filter options to find your choice movie. Movie4U website’s main attraction is HD and Top IMDB movies. The well-organized interface and ad-free feature will impress the users to access this website without any hesitation.

39. Streamm4u.com

Streamm4U website will offer numerous filter options to sort using various categories and genres. Beneath each movie, you can view an option named “Backup Source”. If you can’t stream or watch the movie using the chosen server then make use of the Backup source for the viewing option. Just press the Play icon to start streaming or watching the movies immediately. You won’t experience any buffering or latency while playing the movies on the Streamm4U website.

40. Afdah

Most of the users will prefer to watch their favorite TV shows and movies without sign-up or registration. Afdah website can easily replace the Vumoo site with these options. The site layout is well organized, user-friendly, and also clean for easier access. Uses can watch movies without any redirection or advertisements. Depending on the genre, year, language, country, and many more, you can easily explore the movies.

You can stream TV shows or movies in HD and also faster. Each movie will display essential information such as IMDB rating, language, release, etc. Users will read various movies’ feedback and as well as its trailer before watching the movie.

41. Hindilinks4U

Hindilinks4U is another best destination for streaming or watching various old classic or latest Hindi movies without registration or sign-up. Some of the recently added movies are available only in poor quality. It is important to be patient in watching Hindi movies in HD quality. This website also includes a wide range of documentaries and also users to stream Hindi dubbed movies in high quality. It is a movie dedicated site and has numerous options to identify your favorite movies. However, the Hindilinks4U website does not include TV shows to watch or stream.

42. XMovies8

XMovies8 is another free online movie website like khatrimaza without pop-ups or advertisements and has a clean interface to access. It will never prompt the users to provide any additional information to watch movies like a credit card, email address, name, etc. Users can watch TV episodes, TV shows, and movies on the Xmovies8 site.

Some of the available categories are sorted by name, latest updates, most viewed, best rated, new releases, and featured. Alternatively, you can utilize the search bar to identify your favorite TV shows or movies. It is also possible to stream newly released movies with poor picture quality.

43. FlixTor

FlixTor is another best online free movie streaming website available within this list. Users can stream the latest TV shows and movies without any interruption, no advertisements, and no sign-up or registration. The mammoth database includes numerous TV shows and movies to watch. Each hour, the support team will update the latest & new movies or TV shows to make it different from various other sites. Depending on the multiple options like genre, language, minimum votes, and minimum rating, you can find your favorite movies.

44. WatchMovieStream

This online free movie streaming site will offer numerous filter options to locate your video content. They feature TV shows and movies depending on the TMBD rating, IMDB rating, synopsis, and many more. Before watching the movie, you can first watch the movie trailers and proceed the same. There are numerous servers available for this website to have a hassle-free streaming experience.

In case of any buffering or latency, users can switch or choose another server for immediate access. Just press the Play icon to start playing the movies immediately. The most important part of this website is they allow users to chat or communicate with other movie lovers.

45. YoMovies

Without sign-up or registration, YoMovies is another best free online movie streaming site to access. Users can watch free Bollywood movies and as well as Hollywood movies online. You can also watch movies in other Indian regional languages like Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Punjabi, etc. Most of the movies available on this website are of high quality. Similar to another free online streaming website, you will receive some popups or advertisements. Users can browse and locate their favorite movies by using various filters like Top IMDB, rating, trending, etc.

46. Popcornflix

Similar to the Crackle website, Popcornflix will offer numerous free online movies with a few advertisements. It offers a wide range of movies starting from the Roman holiday to Double Dragon to Flawless. You can also find some original content on this website. Movies are split into various categories like staff picks, new arrivals, genre, and popularity for easier use. Popcornflix website is another best free website with excellent navigation, a beefy lineup, and legal movie streaming.

47. Moviestars.to

Moviestars is another new free online movie streaming website to showcase a wide range of movies for free. While viewing media and navigating the site, you may experience low advertisement frequency. Similar to other movie sites, users can watch or stream movies in high quality.

48. Soap2Day

Without registration or sign-up, you can watch full TV series and movies for free in HD quality. Soap2Day is another best all-time favorite online free movie streaming site to access. It features a wide range of movies and TV series both old and newly released video content. You can easily sort your favorite movies by using various options like IMDB rating, Popular, Release, and New.

Filter the latest movies by using categories like genre and year with the help of its search bar. Just press the movie title to view the information and also double-click to watch the movie online. This is another best online free movie streaming website to watch TV shows and movies.

50. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is one of the most popular websites to watch or stream free TV shows and movies without any subscription. It features a wide range of free TV shows and movies and list with ad-supported. They are also available in-app form to download from the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Roku Channel list, and Amazon App Store.

51. Moviesjoy.net

MoviesJoy homepage will display the trending TV shows & movies and a simple search bar to use. You can browse & locate your favorite movies through different categories such as Country, Genre, and many more. Most of the links available on this website will play extremely fast and 1080p HD quality. Before playing the movie, it is essential to close out some pop-ups or advertisements.

52. CineBloom

Without registration or sign-up, CineBloom is another best website to stream free online movies like the khatrimaza website. The well-organized layout is user-friendly and never get pop-up notifications while watching movies. Depending on the interest, you can filter like year and genre to watch the most popular movies. They have numerous streaming servers available for user’s benefits.

Just access the movie thumbnail and press the play icon to watch your movie from the best streaming server link. Apart from popular movies, users can also find a wide range of TV series to watch or stream. Because of its awesome khatrimaza alternative collections, most of them will prefer to watch the best TV series.

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