What to Look for In A Caravan

If you’re planning to go away on an adventurous trip and to explore the great outdoors, buying a caravan is a great option. Additionally, purchasing one is a large commitment. Selecting which caravan to buy requires a lot of research and preparation.

To make your journey into finding the perfect caravan simpler, we have compiled information with tips, tricks and keynotes you should consider. Read on to discover how to get a caravan that will make your next camping holiday memorable and amazing.

What to Look for In A Caravan

Do You Want A Pop-Top or A Camper Trailer?

The pop-top caravan, with the fold-down roof section, is proving to be extremely innovative for small-medium sized caravan styles. They are most ideal for storing your caravan under carports or in garages.

The camper trailer is great for families with children. With a wind-up canvas upper section and extendable sleeping accommodation on each side, it has lots of room for your loved ones and yourself.

The Size

The most popular and common size of caravan’s range between 11ft and 24ft. Anything smaller than this is not very comfortable for more than one person, and anything larger becomes a towing challenge. The smaller the van, the easier the towing.

If you have the budget to have the right type of towing vehicle, it’s a delight to own a luxury home on wheels complete with everything you’d ever want in your moving home. En-suite, flushing toilet, hot and cold running water, separate bedroom and full-sized kitchen.

Frames and Axles

When shopping for a caravan you will come across the great debate between a wooden, or an aluminum one. Your choice will not affect your trip too much. But the signs are clear that aluminum is becoming more and more popular as softwoods become scarcer, costlier and more responsible ecological practices prevail.

The number of axles a van has depends on the size. The provision of two axles instead of one applies when vans reach a certain size and it becomes imperative, for safety reasons. Sharing the weight between four wheels instead of two may be necessary. To put it into perspective, you won’t find many tandem axles fitted to vans of less than 16ft. Only rarely you will come across a single axle model of 17ft or more.

Off-Road Caravans

Vans are designed and built to cope with varying degrees of rough roads to be found in this country. The ones that cope with the roughest terrain are described as ‘off-road’. There are also models which are called ‘outback’ caravans. They are a fairly conventional design and are usually beefed-up versions of a manufacturer in the normal range. There is added strengthening to the chassis, as well as features like bumper bars that extend underneath for protection when emerging from wash ways, special dust-proofing, and perhaps externally mounted jerry cans or other sensible additions.

Attend A Caravan and Camping Show

By attending a caravan and camping shows you can have close up inspections of caravans and you can converse with camping experts to discover what is the best deals for you and where to shop.

Cub Campers have a great list of shows and festivals that they recommend you attend. Shows like the Queensland Caravan Camping and Touring Holiday Show or Coffs Coast 4WD Caravan and Camping Show. It can be extremely insightful, plus it will be great fun for your family and you to attend.

Finding your ideal caravan is a fun and exciting part of your camping journey!

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