Allison Stokke Wiki, Bio, Height, Age, Weight, Instagram, and Lesser Known Facts

The name of Allison Stokke reminds us of bar pretty high in the field of talent. Almost stories of all the sportsperson are always full of plots such as hard-working, does rigorous work, determined, focused but then Allison Stokke is different from the line. Allison Stokke is different and boom she is everywhere in the news like Media, Paparazzi, and scrutiny from a young age and where not. But no successful person has an easy story, but a story full of hardships, sheer determination, and Allison narrates the tale in a most inspiring way.

Allison Stokke

Allison Stokke Wiki, Bio, Height, Age, Weight, Instagram, Pictures and Lesser Known Facts

Real NameAllison Rebecca Stokke Fowler
Date of BirthMarch 22, 1989
Age31 Years ( Aug 2020 )
EducationNewport Harbor High School
University of California, Berkeley
ProfessionFitness model, Pole Vaulter
Marital StatusMarried to Rickie Fowler ( professional Golfer )
Height5 ft 7 in
Weight58 kg
BirthplaceNewport Beach, California, United States of America
Social MediaInstagram - @allisonstokke

Twitter- @stokkeallison

Youtube- here

Her early life and upbringing

Allison Rebecca Stokke was born on March 22nd, 1989 and her early years spent under the same sky but on different continents. She spent her most precious time in California and lived up with her parents, Allan and Cindy Stokke. Also, her childhood had some sweet memories with her sibling too who was older than her David. Her childhood was a happy one and there was a lot which she even toady cherishes.

Allison Stokke InstagramImage source here

About her career and success

Success at sports is like climbing to the mountains and those who get successful in these filed they are not innate talents but they have worked day and night to make it successful. Sports are something which is more about discipline and determination and only one focus and Allison Stokke had all of them. Her career got started at the age of 15 and Allison Stokke then even won the US title and jumped a whopping 12.5 feet. She came into the limelight when she began breaking her own records and every time she set a new bar for other aspirants. This record was broken by jumping 13 feet 51 3/5 inches and it is not possible for everyone. But by sheer determination and hard work she did it.

Allison tells when all the youngsters were busier enjoying their life and attending classes. I was all working all alone to reach my destination, though sometimes I used to think about it and I wanted to attend. But then I thought about completing my studies only than enjoying and working on goal. Though I know I did not attend my senior year classes and I had to struggle but I am glad I was doing then for which I was passionate. And now today I am a pole vault beater.

Her achievements

“Your growth is your biggest achievement and when you get determined to grow each day, man you are already received your achievements”.

When she started playing she had to compete with superior competitors but this boosted her confidence and motivated her to do her best. Her impressive jump was 13 feet 6 ¾ inches and it was double of the famous basketball player, Michael Jordan 6 ¾ inches. She has become an internet sensation in such a short span of time because she was playing at a young age. She has even started winning all of the games very soon but today she is one of the favorite sportspeople of many. But her name also got defamed once only by her one of the photos. Some media people clicked her on the field and published it all over the newspaper. Her fans found that photo a little bit clumsy and she got trolled and put blame on her. However, the photo has nothing to do with her talent and even with her life but she was put all over the news most of the time.

Her fans

As she moved with time, she really worked day and night to reach to the place she is now. Alison really has an international fan base and this is her achievement too. Although, Alison is one of those players who always believed in her hard work rather than outside support and ambiance she was always welcoming towards such love and appreciation. But when that photo incident happened with her on one side she was just listening to criticism. One the second side she looked only for positivity and that is where her few fans also showed immense love and support towards her.

Setting new records

Alison believes when anything excessive happens in terms of negativity, people do not need to look towards that. There is also another side and we can look for that side, so she shifted her focus on her vaulting career, and there she is. Now she is also made her place in the list of record-breaker but every time she had to break her own records and make her own record. She did both finely and after than she made records by jumping higher than she had before. She started making it regularly to the top in every competition. She said; in times of despair I had to put my focus on the thing for which I had started my journey and all sportspersons have the same dream “Olympic”. I was also seeing that dream then and this became possible when she broke the records by a whopping 14 feet and 3 ½ inches.

Her childhood was though good personally but professionally it was full of struggles. But she has covered miles and her incredible skills got proved. When she overcame she spoke about her through the journey and she changed her life from an early age. But she said that incident was a lesson for her and it also taught her many things. Because that phonograph incident tormented her emotionally and it also motivated me to definitely move ahead into life. Beating Vault is the most soothing activity thing into her life and it was also a thing which also kept her in manners.  Life is full of opportunities besides few low moments and when we lift ourselves into those situations. It is like choosing the right one and that also changed her life forever.


You can follow her on her social media handles and download all her latest pictures. You can also watch her games and get information about her next move.

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