The Power Of RTLS: Improving Safety, Productivity, And Decision-Making In The Workplace

Any company that wants to thrive must find ways to boost its performance, make better business decisions, and boost workplace safety. In this technological era, this is not hard to achieve. With the right solutions, businesses can achieve these and much more.

One of the most effective solutions that can help businesses improve performance and safety in the workplace is Real-Time Location System [RTLS]. In this article, we discuss what RTLS is and how it can help businesses boost productivity, safety, and decision-making. Let’s get started.

What is RTLS?

RTLS stands for “real-time location system,” and it is a type of system that can automatically identify and track the location of things or people in real time, typically within a building or another enclosed area. Wireless RTLS tags can be attached to things or worn by individuals. In most RTLS systems, fixed reference points are the nodes that receive wireless signals from tags and use those signals to determine the location of the tags.

Radiofrequency (RF) communication is frequently utilized as the RTLS technology implements the physical layer. In some configurations, radio frequency (RF) technology is supplemented by optical (often infrared) or acoustic (typically ultrasonic) technology. There are an infinite number of possible technological combinations because RTLS tags and fixed reference locations can act as transmitters, receivers, or both.

Tracking the location of people or assets can be accomplished in several different settings with the help of RTLS. In the field of logistics, it can be used to monitor tools or equipment; in the field of healthcare, it can be used to monitor patients or personnel; and in the field of security, it can be used to monitor persons or property. RTLS can also increase the efficiency of processes by automatically monitoring and time-stamping the progression of employees or assets through a process. This can be done to boost the productivity of an organization.

Using RTLS can make accounting for all employees during an emergency evacuation quicker and more automatic and cut down on the number of hours spent making phone calls to find staff and equipment. Additionally, Aviation RTLS can be used to track Ground Support Equipment [GSE] such as cargo carts, luggage trolleys, wheelchairs, aircraft tow tractors, etc. This can help operators better manage their GSE fleet utilization rates.

Power Of RTLS

How Real-Time Location System can boost safety in the workplace

You can immediately identify dangers and potential risks and take steps to minimize them with the help of RTLS, all before they may cause an accident or injury to a person. For instance, when combined with Toxic Substance Detection, the Real-Time Location System (RTLS) can protect employees from being unnecessarily subjected to harmful substances for extended periods, which would be detrimental to their health and well-being.

In addition, the system can help track employees during emergencies. When staff are tracked, it is much simpler for managers and executives to locate those individuals should an emergency happen. If a lone worker is in danger, using RTLS can make it possible for rescue actions to be carried out more effectively.

How RTLS can help boost productivity

How RTLS can help boost productivity

Managers can create a working environment that is significantly more effective and productive by attaching trackers to every asset owned by the organization. Suppose you are aware of both the location of the stored resources and the quantity of those materials. In that case, you can avoid unanticipated shortages or pileups of the materials, which would otherwise needlessly disturb the production line. Any perishable commodities can be tracked to ensure that they are used on a first-in, first-out basis, reducing the amount of waste produced. If you track your equipment, your employees will have to spend less time looking for lost items, which will free them up to concentrate on the most important work to the company.

How real-time location system is improving decision-making in the workforce

Real-Time Location Services lead to more efficient use of resources thanks to their foolproof technique while also lowering fixed costs in terms of item rental and the amount of time it takes to complete a procedure. As a result of having access to more information, your staff members can make better decisions and react to situations more quickly. For instance, with yard automation, you will get full visibility of all vehicles, employees, and drivers in the yard and warehouse, allowing you to make quick, better decisions.

Wrapping up

The real-time location system (RTLS) tracking technology is extremely helpful for organizations of any kind and size. It can be put to a variety of uses, including keeping track of inventory levels, maintaining workplace safety, and simplifying business operations, among other things. Businesses can make better use of their resources and reduce the time wasted looking for items when they are aware of the precise position of all of their assets at all times. In addition, real-time location systems can assist businesses in cutting expenses by improving operations and preventing assets from being misplaced, stolen, or lost.

Consider investing in RTLS tracking technology if you’re looking for a way to improve your company’s operations. It can deliver a wide range of benefits that will assist you in increasing your operations’ efficiency, productivity, and safety.

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