3 Interesting Career Opportunities for School Leavers

For many young adults, their earlier years will have had an emphasis on gaining a well-rounded education. Going to school and learning a broad range of subjects is the focal point from the ages of four or five. In this age group, the subjects that are studied are basic and provide a starting point for building more complex knowledge as the student progresses. By the time children start secondary school, they will be undertaking more complex forms of learning and beginning to understand a range of more advanced subject matter. Proficiency begins to be developed in core subjects such as maths, history, and some modern languages. If higher education (such as college or university) is not desired after formal education finishes, young adults may leave school at the age of 16, depending on the country of study. However, there may be a requirement to continue some form of education until you reach the age of 18. If you have finished your formal education and are not planning to undertake higher education, you will be seeking a meaningful form of employment to start your career. In this article, three interesting career opportunities will be explored. Each example is different in terms of the skills and aptitudes required and may suit a wide range of school leavers.

Career Opportunities for School Leavers

1. Consider the construction industry

If you enjoy seeing projects, come to life, and have a practical mindset, a career in the construction industry could be ideal for you. Search online at sites such as https://koehncs.com/careers/ to find out more about jobs within this sector. There may be the opportunity to undertake on-the-job training for certain roles (such as a laborer or builders assistant) and the skills gained from this training may help you to undertake more complex and financially rewarding roles. The construction industry is currently enjoying growth in many countries. For example, in North America, the construction sector is projected to experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.82% between 2023 and 2028. This means that there will be a continued demand for all forms of construction workers for the foreseeable future. If you are interested in this area of work, it can be beneficial to contact local construction firms to ask if they are planning to take on any school leavers in their upcoming recruitment plans. Ideally, you will be able to illustrate projects or tasks that you have completed at school that demonstrate a problem-solving and practical mindset.

2. Jobs in Healthcare

As with the construction industry, the healthcare sector encompasses a wide range of roles and occupations that can suit many different school leavers. You may be able to go on a training scheme that will allow you to start work as a healthcare assistant if you enjoy the thought of a patient-facing role. Such training takes little more than six months to complete and will give you a thorough grounding in the key concepts and principles of basic patient care. However, if a patient-facing role is not something you desire, there are many other opportunities to consider. For example, you may be able to undertake a clerical or administrative role in a wide range of different healthcare settings, such as working as a receptionist or administrative assistant in a doctor’s surgery or healthcare center. Many of these roles will require you to be IT literate as you will be using a computer daily to record information or manage appointment bookings. Speak to your local employment office about suitable roles for school leavers within the healthcare sector to gain a greater understanding of the wide range of entry-level occupations that may be available.

3. Travel and work as a digital nomad

If you have a passion for travel and wish to see the world as a young adult, whilst still earning an income, you may have heard of the concept of a “digital nomad.” This phrase relates to a wide range of jobs that can be undertaken remotely whilst traveling the world. In many cases, all that is required in terms of tech is a business laptop with access to fast and reliable internet and a smartphone. Jobs that allow you to live as a digital nomad typically focus on the tech sector, with job roles such as web design, coding, and development being popular. However, roles such as content creation and writing for websites do not require such in-depth IT proficiency and may be suitable for school leavers who have a passion for writing. Many young people seek this new form of remote working to enable them to travel extensively and visit far-flung destinations. Put simply, if you have a spirit of adventure and want to earn whilst you travel, roles that allow you to work as a digital nomad may be ideal.

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