The Future of Writing: Will AI Replace Human Writers?

The year is coming to an end, so more and more students start thinking about their exams. The pressure is huge, as they must deal with deadlines, social life, work, and hobbies. One of the most obvious solutions to this workload is to use some help online, like the best essay writing service review and similar services. You won’t have to search too long to find help!

Some learners prefer using human expertise when it comes to their papers. It’s always best to use experts with their years of experience and knowledge in their field. On the other hand, sometimes, you just need a quick answer to your questions. This is where AI language models like Bard and ChatGPT come into play. Everybody has heard about these services recently.

Such tools definitely have their own advantages. They are free, quick, and easy to use. It seems like a perfect solution for a student on a budget and with a tight deadline. But is artificial intelligence so advanced today that it can replace human writers completely?

The short answer is no. In this article, we will try to find a deeper answer to this question together!

Will AI Replace Human Writers

Why AI Won’t Replace Human Experts?

Let’s not drag this out and see why artificial intelligence isn’t better than writers, at least not today.

First of all, any AI-generated text won’t have the creativity, nuance, and emotional depth that people have. AI models operate within the limits of their programming, so they can’t really produce any original content. Sure, they can give you a poem, but it won’t have a soul.

Secondly, AI-generated content can often be inaccurate and full of bias. For example, ChatGPT doesn’t have open access to the internet, so that it will use outdated information from 2021. It also uses only pre-uploaded datasets, which could reflect the biases of people who created them. As a result, you could get an inaccurate or even offensive text that you can’t submit anywhere!

Lastly, AI language models have been getting better and better at mimicking perfect human speech. But it’s still not perfect. The worst thing is that some colleges use AI detectors to see if the submitted assignment was generated by a language model. So, not only do you need to proofread your paper, but you can also get caught and punished for it.

How Human Writers Are Better Than AI?

Even though AI is a great tool for getting quick answers, it can’t replace human expertise. This is especially true for those students who need help with complicated papers, nuanced topics, or creative assignments.

Let’s take a look at why you need to search for a qualified expert instead of using ChatGPT or similar tools.

  • Sure, you can ask ChatGPT to develop paper topics or research questions. But it won’t be anything new that hasn’t already been explored. Human experts, on the other hand, can come up with unique ideas and use their language in a creative way. They are not limited to any patterns of language.
  • Emotional depth. Sometimes, even college essays explore difficult topics. You need to engage with your readers and give them a glimpse of your own emotions! AI will give you technically correct content, but it won’t keep up with the nuances of language and emotion.
  • Critical thinking. This is one of the biggest advantages of using human expertise when it comes to creating academic papers. Your teacher can definitely see if your paper is generated when it lacks critical thinking. This also includes producing informative and engaging content that won’t feel like a report.
  • Subjective experiences. Writers can use their previous expertise and knowledge to draw their own conclusions. This includes both difficult topics and cases that are based on experience, not to mention the years of experience writers have in this field! You will definitely get a better-quality paper from your writer than from any AI language model.
  • Opportunities for growth. You can definitely use online assignments to help your academic progress. For example, you can ask writers to improve your existing paper, show your mistakes, or offer a plan for further improvement.

As you can see, even though AI has its uses, human writers can definitely give you what you need. Don’t think that your professors won’t notice a generated paper.

How Can You Use AI to Your Advantage?

Since artificial intelligence is here to stay, every student and writer can learn to leverage its benefits. Think of this as your helping hand! Of course, you still need the expertise of mypaperhelp online for complicated projects and high-quality papers. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use AI for smaller projects or other tasks.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways:

  • Embrace AI in your writing process. You don’t have to ask ChatGPT to write your whole paper. Instead, you can ask it for an outline, inspiration, research vectors, and sources. You still need to double-check everything, but this can be a great start.
  • Use AI as a helper in your learning process. Even though human writers can give you more guidance when it comes to learning, you can still use AI to your advantage. For example, ask it to create an approximate learning plan for the next month. The only thing left to do is to follow it!

These are only some opportunities for including AI in your learning process. It’s still pretty obvious that right now, artificial intelligence can’t replace human expertise. It should be treated as a helping tool and not a 100% substitution.

To Sum Up

So, can AI replace human writers? After thorough research, we can definitely say no! It’s still early to think that artificial intelligence will become so developed that it will mimic human expertise perfectly. Maybe in the future, things will change. But for now, using expert writers for your academic needs and complicated assignments is the best way to go.


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