Read this before Redoing Your Bathroom?

Looks like you are unhappy with the current layout of your bathroom, and want a complete makeover. Or maybe a few changes like a fresh coat of paint, new plumbing fixtures, modern hardware, or smart lighting.

Whatever you are looking for, be it simple fixes, or a complete renovation, we have got it all covered for you, with our expert tips.

Most people do not pay as much attention to the bathrooms as they should. But I am glad that you aren’t one of them. So, now that you have decided to redo your bathroom, let’s look at some tips that will give you a good head-start on this journey!

Redoing Your Bathroom

1. Choose the paints wisely

The exterior look of your bathroom greatly depends on the wall color. Earlier, glossy or satin paints were the only options, but these days, there’s so much more to explore. Special paints are developed from antimicrobial additives to protect against moisture and mildew.

However, these special kinds of paints that offer exclusive features are available at premium prices. So, if you have a limited budget, you can always stick to glossy paints.

2. Decide upon the faucet

The most visible hardware in your bathroom is your sink faucet. When you are redoing your bathroom fixtures, start with choosing a sink faucet so that you don’t have to struggle later. It is easier to match the faucet with the shower set, toilet flush lever, and other items like the towel bar and not vice versa.

Faucets come in a variety of designs and styles, and ergonomic lever faucets are the easiest to use. From modern to vintage, they are available in all designs and you can choose as per your needs and desires.

3. Define your storage needs and counter spaces

Different people need different storage spaces. Your storage needs will determine the choice of sink and vanity.

For instance, a pedestal sink offers a slim and traditional silhouette, ideal for small bathrooms, and likewise, the storage space is pretty small. On the other hand, traditional vanity offers sufficient counter space, both on top and at the bottom.

4. Explore toilet seats

We are assuming that it has been a while you haven’t shopped for your bathroom, or for the toilet. So, you might be surprised to know that nowadays, there are heated and LED-lit seats, water-saving, self-cleansing, built-in bidet features, and a lot of other high-tech options available out there

But yes, all these features come at a price, and besides, when it comes to flawless flushing, you don’t necessarily “need” the above functions. If you are willing to pay for them, great, but if not, they won’t make a significant difference.

You want a toilet with a Maximum Performance testing score to be above 500, or higher. You can look for high-efficiency models that use almost half of the legal limit of 1.6 gallons per flush. Good for the environment, good for you.

5. Don’t forget the lighting

When it comes to the overall lighting of the bathroom, non-fancy, surface-mounted ceiling lights are the best. They will keep your bathroom well-lit at all times so that the darkness doesn’t blind anyone and lead to unfortunate accidents.

Besides that, you can also invest in some fancy lighting options depending on your budget.

6. Porcelain: your go-to material

You have a variety of options, from cement to encaustic tiles, but all of them are pricey and not so durable in nature. They are prone to damage from acids, or hard detergents. Plus, they also require regular sealing.

Porcelain, on the other hand, is high quality, affordable, and easy to maintain. They are said to be crack and stain-proof. The best part is that they can convincingly mimic different looks, including ceramic, natural stone, and even wooden flooring.

Over to you…

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