Why to choose a salon in Melbourne where you are made most welcome

You are extremely happy after meeting the man of your dreams, who overseas for a year. He walked into the office on a placement, and you knew immediately that you wanted to get to know him. Things developed rather quickly, and now you find yourself about to get married in Australia in ten weeks.

It has proven to be a whirlwind last eighteen months and you are trying to adjust to living on the other side of the world. You have settled into your apartment, but now you are desperate to find your own special comforts. You certainly had another great find when you entered Lux Hair in Melbourne.

It was recommended to you by your soon to be sister in law and her friends when they took you for a girls night out to welcome you to your new city. You decided to check it out online first and was immediately impressed by the glowing customer references and the elegant look of the salon.

As soon as you walked through the doors, you knew that it wasn’t just manufactured online talk. There was a wonderfully friendly atmosphere, which had been conveyed on the phone, but seeing was believing. It felt more like that you had been a customer for several years rather than just walking in for the first time. Your mind began racing how to make the most of this great service by also finding out where to buy luxury beauty products in Melbourne.

You loved the mixed demographics among the customers as everyone was made welcome and treated with total respect regardless of sex or age. Most importantly of all, people leaving the premises looked at their best, regardless of which style they chose. The stylists were doing a superb job and loved what they were doing, which led to customers walking out with smiling faces.

Being able to book and buy products online added to the professionalism of the salon, ensuring convenience and that feel that nothing was too much trouble. You were particularly impressed by the ethos of looking after the environment wherever possible. You will certainly feel great when heading into one of the many restaurants on the South Bank with your loved one.

Yes, your future relatives and new friends certainly did you a favour when pointing you in the direction of a salon that cares passionately about offering a great service and valuing its customers.


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