Termites in Your Home – Noticing the Signs of an Infestation

Nobody wants to discover they have a pest problem in their home, especially not when they find out you are dealing with termites. Termites are one of the most destructive critters in Australia, once they infiltrate your property, they can do a serious amount of damage, sometimes even putting the structural integrity of your home into jeopardy. Here are some warnings to look out for when monitoring your home for termites.

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Mud Workings

Zeropest’s terminate treatment solutions consist of a strategy that is designed to target mud workings that have been created by termites. As termites are subterranean, they find protection and shelter underground. Although it can sometimes too difficult to spot these tunnels, it is a common sign that your home is being invaded by termites.

If you notice mud workings around the base of your property, termites have infiltrated your home and you will need to contact a professional to get rid of them.

Structural Damage

Another clear sign your home is being attacked by termites is structural damage. Although termites mostly feed on wood, they can chew on almost anything that comes their way. Even though they are small critters, they can cause a substantial amount of damage. If you notice any blisters, cracks, or sagging, there is a chance termites have started to attack.

If you do not take preventative measures, all sorts of insects from beetles to cockroaches can occupy your home and do a lot of damage. If you suspect a terminate infestation, knock on the timber around your home to see if it sounds hollow.

Power Failures

Termites are often attracted to electrical fittings and when they get near they sometimes eat away at electric components and cause short circuits. If you notice any soil or mud around these areas, it could be caused by termites. Experiencing power failures and having signs of activity around electrical fittings is sign termites are present.

If you are positive termites are the problem, do not go near the electrical components as they may have been compromised by the pests. If this is the case, they will be dangerous and need special attention from a professional.

Cracked Paint or Damaged Plaster

Finding signs of termite infestation is easy when you know where to look. Another sign your home is under attack is when you spot cracked paint or damaged plaster around your home. Although it may be water damage, there is a real chance it has come from termites. Termites eat away at the timber and cause structural damage.

In addition to all of the points raised in this article, here are some more signs to look out for.

  • Damaged skirting boards
  • Sagging floors or doors
  • Easily damaged door jams

There you have it, all the most common signs to look out for when assessing your home for a termite infestation. Termites are incredibly destructive insects that can cause all sorts of damage to your home. If your tactics to get rid of them are not working, your next plan of action should be to call an extermination specialist.

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