What Are HIAB Trucks and Why Should You Hire One?

There’s a common misunderstanding within the haulage industry that Hiab trucks and Crane Trucks are two separate items used by haulage companies; this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Hydrauliska Industri AB’s brand name for their loader cranes is HIAB cranes. However, this term has become an accepted reference in the haulage industry to refer to any type of vehicle-mounted crane such as loader or knuckle crane.

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HIAB Trucks

Articulated Hiab

Hiab trucks are crane trucks that combine both trailer and crane into one vehicle to make loading and unloading cargo more efficient. You can click the link: https://www.osha.gov/trucking-industry/loading-unloading for safety tips. This type of vehicle can transport items such as containers, steel coils, machinery, and other industrial cargo quickly.

Hiab trucks can also be used to remove and install equipment at construction sites and are great for transporting specialized machineries like rail wagons and tractors to railway sidings.

Articulated Hiab trucks feature multiple booms and sizes to allow them to handle various forms of cargo. Their telescopic booms make lifting heavy items such as containers or steel coils much simpler, and their long reach means the job gets done efficiently. Plus, these trucks come equipped with safety features so you can rest easy knowing that your load will remain secure during its transport.

Hiab trucks can be modified for almost any task, from assembling large structures to transporting portable cabins or cafe kiosks. Hiabs are often used without needing separate cranes – saving both time and money!

Hiab trucks are often classified as rigid structures, consisting of a truck, trailer, and crane all integrated in one rigid unit. This vehicle can either be front or rear mounted for easy movement around construction sites or pulled by other trailers if needed – an excellent solution for building remote locations, handling heavy machinery or road-building projects.

These articulated trucks are powered by diesel engines and feature a hydraulically driven crane equipped with a telescopic arm capable of lifting 30 tonnes. Their reach span is 70 meters. In addition, hook or drag trailers may be added for increased load capacity. The Rigid Hiab makes an excellent choice when transporting long or heavy loads that require special handling or equipment.

Hiab is the world’s leading supplier of on-road load handling equipment. Their Hiab trucks are built to work better and last longer while adhering to industry safety standards, making them popular with haulage companies due to their versatility and dependability.

Artic Hiab Tandem Lift

HIAB’s articulated vehicle features an adjustable crane that can rotate both horizontally and vertically, enabling its loader lorry to access areas inaccessible to other vehicles.

Furthermore, this design also includes hydraulic brace support, remote control capabilities, high seat back support, and hydraulic support braces – making the system extremely user friendly for fast access with remarkable precision, high safety standards, and easy operation.

Telescopic Hiab

The Telescopic Hiab can be utilized in the mining industry, where it can reach deep mines with ease and lift up to 90 tones for transporting across rough terrain. Furthermore, its long haul capability over bridges and mountains makes it suitable for long hauls as well. Furthermore, this machine is ideal for loading/unloading large containers at one time with support for stacks of up to five containers being easily managed by this model.

Cargotec, Hiab’s parent company, is an industry leader in cargo and load handling solutions worldwide. Their subsidiary brands – Hiab, Kalmar and MacGregor – are widely known for handling cargo flows on land and at sea respectively, while Cargotec’s comprehensive services help customers increase profitability while decreasing operating costs. You can visit this site for more information.

Hiab is the world’s market-leading on-road load handling equipment manufacturer, serving diverse applications such as construction, waste management and recycling as well as defense forces. Hiab provides innovative products and solutions that address customer requirements for flexibility and performance.

Hiab products are known for their safety-oriented, ergonomic and eco-friendly designs. Additionally, Hiab remains committed to innovation by continuously introducing products designed to increase efficiency within customer processes.

Hiab Lorry

Hiab lorries are crane trucks designed to lift and load heavy objects onto trailers. It has become a favorite choice for transporting generators, pumps, and transformers as they provide safe transport without damage to these items. Furthermore, Hiab trucks make great loading/unloading tools on construction sites, taking loads from road to site and then back again which saves both time and money!

Selecting the ideal Hiab truck for your business needs is vital, so you should consider several aspects when making this important decision. First and foremost, take into account what type of project or load will need transporting.

Benefits of Renting

Renting a crane is an efficient and cost-cutting way to lift materials and equipment at construction sites, saving both time and labor costs by relieving staff of hauling materials up flights of stairs or investing in additional lifting gear. But before making your decision, it’s essential that you understand all of the factors affecting crane rental prices before making a final decision.

Renting a crane makes more financial sense for most companies than purchasing, as renting saves on inspection, fuel, repair, storage costs, and storage fees.

When selecting a crane rental company, ensure it has an outstanding reputation and experience. Also be certain to find UK services, as local companies will have a better idea of licensing and permitting requirements. Checking their work history and reviews online will help ensure you receive a quality crane that fits into your project without becoming a victim of fraud.

Renting a crane has many advantages, one being its excellent condition and upkeep – helping ensure employee safety while decreasing breakdown risk during use. Furthermore, many rental companies will deliver and assemble their machines on your site – an additional bonus!

Finally, it’s critical that you accurately estimate how long you’ll require the crane for your project. Doing this can prevent overspending while making sure that the crane stays on site as necessary – helping ensure safety by not forcing crews to rush projects just so they can return it before their contract runs out.

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