Alexandra Botez Age, Height, Instagram, Wiki and lesser known facts

The History of Entertainment has much become a world to inspire people and impact their lives. There are many names in the list of entertainment and Alexandra Botez and she is not just beautiful but also very talented. Alexandra Botez is from Canada and born on September 25th, 1995 in Dallas, Texas, U.S. Sports are one of those important elements which render a part of the country and their talent. Alexandra Botez is a board game player, a chess player. Better known as American- Canadian Woman FIDE Master (WFM) chess player and she has earned name and fame through her talent.

Alexandra Botez

Alexandra Botez Age, Height, Instagram, Wiki and lesser-known facts

Real NameAlexandra Botez
Date of BirthSep 25, 1995 Dallas, Texas, U.S.
ProfessionChess Player
Alexandra Botez Age25 Years as of Jan 2021
Alexandra Botez height162 cm
EducationInternational Relations – University of Stanford
Known ForChess
Net Worth$1 M to $5 M Estimated
NationalityUnited States
Social MediaInstagram – missbotez 

Twitter – alexandravbotez

Youtube –  BotezLive

Few Tales of her childhood  

Alexa was a sincere child since her childhood and that always quite dedicated to the things she believed in. It is almost a challenge for a child to decide what they are willing to do. When Alexandra got to be introduced to Chess she not just embraced it. In fact, she truly had dedicated herself to it and she was so engrossed in it. So she is close to her parents too but at the same time she is much dedicated to her chess too and it brought her enough name and fame.

Alexandra Botez instagram

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About Alexandra chess career

Based in Dallas, Texas where she lived with her Romanian parents who were fled communist Romania. However, she was raised in Vancouver, British Columbia and there she learned a lot about life. She embarked on playing chess just at the age of 6 at the Romanian community Centre chess club Golden Knights with the Chess Master Valer Eugen Demian as her coach.

Then, her talent brought so many opportunities into her life and she has played for the National Canadian Team and became the Canadian National Girls champion five times. Alexa has been part of several of the games and she has even played several of the Chess Olympiads. When she was just 15 years old she rendered Girls Nationals and it was such an amazing achievement she had. It is quite an inspiration for many people and a big achievement.

It is said that Botez had become an inspiration for not just people elder than her but also for her peers too she has even won a full chess scholarship for the University of Texas Dallas when she was in high school. She had completed her graduation in the year 2017. When she had become the second female president of the Stanford university chess club after Cindy Tsai in 2005, it was an honor and she surprised so many people with her talent and dedication.

Actually, Alexandra is a dedicated person with talent and she pretty well used her talent to inspire people and make her country proud. One incident reveals enough how Alexandra is ready to take any losses when she once had lost queen in the game, she herself made a self-mocking expression ‘Botez Gambit’. This is how she even got a chance to be placed in the list of top 10 Canadian Women players.

Alexandra Botez live channels

An unknown fact by many of her fans and they get confused that what should they pick up and where they can find out the video of her games. So Botez is also the creator of one of the popular channels which she just began for chess. It can be found on Twitch and YouTube by the name of Botezlive. And there you can find out her every video and watch them happily. So those who are looking for her glance on daily basis then they can surely go to Twitch and watch over there her games on daily basis. Her younger sister and she play live chess together. They also practice puzzles and chat with their fans too. Besides all of these, there is fun too added and that is dance.

About Alexandra Botez success Story

Botez is really popular name among and she is also at the same inspiration. She is quite famous on both YouTube and Twitch and that is how her talent is known across the world. Since childhood, she has dedicated her life to this game of chess and she truly has made many people even proud. Botez is one of those names who has filled people with enthusiasm and made many people believe on themselves. Besides these facts, people hardly know about her that she has even good humor and that can surely be seen in her videos.

Alexandra Botez Described a Few keys to Success

“How she managed to reach such success?”

Well, Nobody can decide what should be the measure of success. But everyone can act and take action in the direction to become what they actually want. When I was a child I never know it has such a huge career and popularity, I just started and I was following only what was coming on my way. I truly had dedicated myself to this field and this field really has made me feel enthusiastic and every time I used to play chess. It used to bring a smile to my face. That is how my journey of chess began and that is how I kept on going and going. There is no ultimate destination for your passion you just have to keep on moving and there is always progress and you just have to embrace that.

“What is that thing that played the biggest role in your success?”

Well, there are many things and it starts with my childhood, the day I had encountered chess and decided to play it. It was time when I was learning it, all the encouragements even on lost battles and all the appreciation even after winning so late. I think all of these had some great role in my life, as a child I only got encouragement, and that I think played a big role in my life. There are rare people who would encourage you but if you have someone then you should appreciate them and keep them. Show gratitude to them.

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