6 Twitter Marketing Tools You Must Know

Twitter marketing is often known to be challenging, making it one of the most underrated social media platforms. It is a great place to reach a wider audience and gain an edge over your competitors. However, to stand out from the crowd, you must do things right. There are several ways to gain an audience more easily and efficiently. After all, it can be hard to wear multiple hats and do everything by oneself. You can leverage influencers, gain Twitter followers, run ads, and more. Besides looking into the best sites to buy Twitter followers, here are 6 Twitter marketing you must know.

twitter marketing tools


Tweepi is one of the most advanced Twitter marketing software to increase engagements. Trusted by over 1,750,000 people, the tool has been featured in Forbes, Yahoo, and other big names. The tool is AI-powered and helps users buy Twitter followers and gain organic engagements.  It offers a plethora of features including competitor analysis, hashtag search, sparking engagements, and beyond. Since the tool helps in gaining only targeted followers, it helps in high retention and traction. Tweepi has two plans, the Silver plan costing $10.95 per month annually and the Platinum plan for $20 per month annually. In addition to this, users can get started with their free trial.


Followerwonk is a unique Twitter tool that helps in optimizing your profile for maximum traffic. This tool offers a set of unique features that can help you get discovered and increase brand awareness. The tool helps in curating befitting bios to build fruitful connections. Moreover, it also helps in scouting for suitable influencers for your brand nature. Users can also categorize and segregate followers based on interaction level. Besides this, users can perform competitor analysis and measure performance. For more direct results, users can always buy Twitter followers to get a kick start. Followerwonk has a free plan, a Target plan for $29 monthly, and Multitask plan for $79 monthly.


Twitonomy is one of the most advanced and insightful tools to measure and optimize Twitter performance. The tool offers a host of features that help ineffectively understand the audience. Its visual analysis and designed charts are some of the most unique features. Users can also track their mentions, monitor insights of other users, get actionable recommendations, export data, and a lot more. Users can also track their follower growth and identify gaps. The tool is available to use on both desktop and phone. Users can take care of all their basic needs with their Free plan. For more advanced features and insights, their Premium plan starts at $20.


Twilert is an all-in-one Twitter search tool. Their tea of digital marketers takes care of all social listening activities. Through this, you can make sure to never miss a chance to engage. Some of its features include geo-targeting, scheduled alerts, user grouping, brand monitoring, and collecting insights. Their system is active 24/7 and sends instant alerts for any brand mentions. Although Twilert doesn’t let you buy Twitter followers straight away, you can use social listening to your advantage and optimize your strategy. For more direct results, you can always check out the best sites to buy Twitter followers.


TweeTsmap is another advanced AI-driven Twitter analytics and management tool. The tool helps users save time and increase audience engagement with actionable insights. It is trusted by over one million users worldwide including MIT, ESPN, and VISA. This all-in-one tool helps users in scheduling, auto-publishing, community analysis, topic search, influencer scouting, and more. It also helps you understand your followers and their sentiments better. Its free plan consists of limited features. Its paid plans include Starter for $14, Growth for $29, Advanced for $49, and Enterprise for $149 per month. Combine this tool with one of the best sites to buy Twitter followers to see your engagements skyrocket!


Even though Social Pilot is not an exclusive tool for Twitter, it offers a range of robust features. It offers services for social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. Its in-built content curation feature makes it very easy to create relevant content about the latest industry trends. Users can also schedule Twitter content, manage teams and clients, and get detailed Twitter insights, and more. It offers 4 plans for its users, based on different requirements and budgets. You can get its professional plan for $30, Small Team plan for $50, Studio plan for $50, and Agency plan for $100.


So here are our top recommendations of must-have Twitter marketing tools. To maximize your Twitter efforts, you can check out the best sites to buy Twitter followers. So, inculcate these tools in your social media marketing strategy and ace your Twitter performance!

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