Brigitte Goudz, Age, Height, Weight, Instagram Wiki and Lesser Known Facts

Brigitte Goudz is really a popular instructor and she is basically popular for powerlifting and weight training for the women. She actually even promotes both powerlifting and weight training and there are many women who dream about learning these things. Brigitte Goudz was born on 24th July 1994, in the Pennsylvania United States of America.

Brigitte goudz

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Brigitte Goudz, Age, Height, Weight, Instagram wiki and Lesser-Known facts

Real NameBrigitte Goudz
Date of Birth24th July 1994
Place of BirthPennsylvania United States of America
Age26 Years Approx (Oct 2020 )
Height168 cm Approx
Weight66 Kg Approx
ProfessionFitness Coach, Influencers
Marital StatusNot Known
Social MediaInstagram – @ brigittegoudz

What she is famous for?

When Brigitte had started her career it was the time, when a girl was not so much attention towards such a career and such thing. Because this field was hard to gain and this field was hard to understand but she chose it and she even was determined. She had started going to the gym at the age of 18 and since then she was very committed and determined.

Brigitte Goudz Instagram

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Brigitte Goudz early days

When she had thought of having done this, it was one of the toughest decisions that too at so early age. But everyone was into her support and everyone helped her pretty well to do this when her parents got to know that Brigitte is so serious about this. Yes, a teenager was so sure about her dreams and it was her bold decision back then and it was then she had decided to do it at any cost. That is where her parents also got to know that she is genuinely talking about her dreams. It was just 18 when she wanted to become an instructor, look at today she is. Early days were full of competition and it was the days when she had to work so hard and achieve her aims. She may at times tell into her interviews, this was the time when I had made some individual and tough choice. By then, it also becomes hard for me in the initial days but then it helped me in a great way when I finally started becoming comfortable with the gym. Because the gym is not an easy choice, at first it will test you and then it will help you to achieve something great in life.

My focus on everything

So she had started with her gym sessions, she had to also change her food habits, this is even toughest than anything. But she focused on her nutrition and everything and it quiet helped her to manage all of them pretty well. It was also the time when she had started posting about content online, and with time she also started getting popularity there among the fitness lover. This fuelled the fire inside her and it motivated her to work even harder and this surely changed her life.

Her daily routines of food

Proteins – eggs, organic, chicken, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, organic beef.

Fats – Almonds, olive oil, coconut oil, and peanut butter! Vegetables – Lettuce, cucumber, spinach, beetroot, green beans, and tomato

Carbohydrates- Fruits, oatmeal, wholemeal bread, pumpkin, sweet potatoes

This is her strict diet plan, which is she follows like the bible and she has this all the time within herself.

Her biggest fear

In many of her articles and interviews, we have got to know about this that she was earlier so afraid to express herself. It was that she used to get so afraid that she will be lesser than her peers. So she has this message, people who are in their teenage must not compare themselves with anyone. They must start practicing this self-love, yes, many teenagers are taught this today. The age of teenage is full of dark phases, hatred, love, compassion, aimless, full of aims, hat yourself, self –love, hard work and go lazy. But it all depends on the person that what does he or she wants and because they have both the choices and they can choose anything among both. It is all about choice, anything in the initial period is hard but then everything later becomes easy. She said once, ‘’This change and the positive self- image I got through bodybuilding motivated me enormously’.

What kept her motivated?

See I have a big message for teenagers and those who are genuinely serious about making their career. They are surviving with one of the biggest problems that, people do not have support; they do not have the support from their parents sometimes. They do not have the support of their friends and like this. But they must teach themselves that no one is going to be supportive but you have to support yourself in those days. It is just a matter of a few days, when you are able to do it, it means you have passed your toughest phase.

It will change your life for the best and it will change your life forever. Believe it or not, it works, Many teenage is always stuck with self-sabotaging; they are stuck with complaining that they were not given this or that. But they stop complaining instead they start focusing on their dream and work, they reach to another kind of life. It also changes their lives forever and although, she had the full support of her parents this truly helped her in achieving. In fact, it doubled her confidence and commitment. But she had already decided this that, been if her parents are not going to help her she is not going to change her dream because of this. This had become her motivation and it always pushed her ahead and does well in life.


You can read her life story that is really very inspiring, you can even follow her on social media. You can watch her all the latest old videos they all are present. Or you can stay in tune with us, we are also providing her inspiring life story, you can follow her Instagram profile for more pictures of her. We have also her latest videos; we have kept everything in one place. So it becomes so easy to get everything in one place but Brigitte is active on social media, so you can surely follow her read her, and know more about her latest updates.

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