The Best Finance Management Apps For Any Smartphone

Your smartphone is probably your most important possession. If you’re anything like us, you prize your phone and use it everyday for almost everything. Whether you’re an Android or iPhone user, you’ll probably have a bank of apps ready to deal with whatever you need doing that day. From communication to media to work, there are probably very few of us that don’t depend on our smartphones.

Naturally, this means you probably use your phone to help with money management. What you might not know is that there are a whole host of apps out there designed to assist you with doing just that. No matter whether it’s simple money management or investing you’re looking for help with, there’s almost certainly an app for it. Here are the best finance management apps for any smartphone.

best finance management apps

Mint (Google PlayApp Store)

Mint is, quite simply, the best finance app you’re going to find. This incredible little app offers features from budgeting to loan management. Using Mint, you can track repayments, see how much is left on your loan, and set reminders for when loan repayments are due. It’s not just for loans, though. Mint will also let you budget your month, making sure you’re dotting the Is and crossing the Ts when it comes to your monthly incoming and outgoing finances. This is a must-have app for money-minded people.

Coinbase (Google PlayApp Store)

Trust us when we say that cryptocurrency and bitcoin are the future. Investing in these new currency options, and spending with them, is the perfect way to keep your finances safe and secure. Coinbase isn’t a conventional money management app; rather, it’s a bitcoin investment app perfect for those who are interested in this new technology. Its design is excellent and intuitive, and it’s the best way to get involved with bitcoin. Coinbase works perfectly when you pair it with excellent cryptocurrency tracking sites like You can use that site to show you where bitcoin should be bought and sold, then use Coinbase to track your bitcoin.

PocketGuard(Google PlayApp Store)

Ever feel like you’re spending too much money? PocketGuard is here to help. Just like the name suggests, PocketGuard is your personal finance defender. This app is packed full of features to help you stop overspending, and it places particular emphasis on spending tracking and budget allocation. The most interesting feature of PocketGuard is its ability to help you find better deals on your monthly service providers – internet, TV, and phone, for example. Definitely good for those who can’t quite let go of their current provider.

Goodbudget (Google PlayApp Store)

This app is all about couples and family financial planning. Goodbudget offers the same sort of financial management tools as many other apps of its kind, but there’s an increased emphasis on sharing budgets and keeping things consistent across multiple users. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of envelope budgeting, this is a good place to start. Essentially, you’ll allocate different amounts to each “envelope” and that’s how much you have to spend in that particular area. This philosophy works well for Goodbudget and it’ll work for you too.

Personal Capital (Google PlayApp Store)

Are you an investor? Do you want an app that will act as your personal investment companion? Look no further than Personal Capital. As the (unfortunately rather dry) name suggests, Personal Capital does also have some personal money tracking and management features, but they’re not the main focus here. Instead, Personal Capital offers investment advice via both human and AI advisors, as well as automated investment analysis and asset class analysis.


There’s nothing quite so infuriating as being a freelancer and not being able to keep track of all your jobs. Tycoon offers a quick, easy, and stress-free solution for anyone who’s working for multiple clients. This isn’t just a great app for freelancers; it’s also a solid option for any contractor or self-employed person looking to keep better track of their finances. Tycoon allows you to create job and client entries, enter tax and commission rates, and keep track of payment status. Job done!

You Need A Budget (Google PlayApp Store)

You Need A Budget is an app that forces you to be hard on yourself. Rather than creating traditional allocated budget amounts, You Need A Budget (or YNAB) forces you to dedicate each individual currency unit of your income to a purpose. Whether it’s paying for groceries, keeping up with subscriptions, or putting money away for a rainy day, YNAB won’t let you spend willy-nilly. If you know you’re prone to accidental spending, this is the app for you.

Acorns (Google PlayApp Store)

Here’s an app with an interesting and unique premise. Every time you spend money with Acorns and a connected bank account, it’ll round your purchase up to the nearest dollar and invest the difference. Your money goes into a portfolio of ETFs, or exchange traded funds. You can select which ones you’d like the app to invest in based on your preference for risk. You won’t notice the money going out of your account, and it might even help you to keep everything in check with nice rounded numbers in your bank balance.

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