Sampling in Beauty in 2021: Benevolence in the Art

The rows of lined-up beauty products in or alongside shopping brands are a well-known sight for passing gazes. However, the permit of letting the passing customers use the product as a sample test is now increasingly becoming a trend undertaken not only by developing brands but also various fashion giants in the shining world of haute couture.

The culture previously used to merely attract customers is now the popular marketing tactic by cosmetic houses and skin product manufacturers to give the customers a taste of their luxurious products.

Are you a beauty startup that wants to be dancing under the limelight amidst the rising competition in the market? Here is your product sampling cue!

Sampling in Beauty

Increasing Campaign Strength

Sampling beauty products has seemingly been one of the most widespread marketing strategies by almost all brands. Several times, mere words do not do the magic as a live example does.

Therefore, along with being friendly, open, and approachable with a proper display of all the products range-wise available, include a sample of beauty products because it draws mass attention. According to Factory360, around 81% of people were inclined towards the product on display for a free trial.

Seeing the growing online businesses and current pandemic that has brought the firms on a standstill yet remote functioning, sending online samples or offering samples instead of discounts can be a suitable ingredient in the recipe for success.

Customer Enthusiasm

Customers have often complained that the product bought does not meet the expectations, leading to their falling relations with the brand.

So, why not let the customers be introduced to them, no strings attached!

Allowing free trails and sampling, customers get the excitement of testing what they like. They can smell, feel and touch before deciding whether to buy the product or not. Henceforth, what they will accept is wholly based on independent thinking and no space for feeling unheard by the brands.

Another positive factor is that the customer, in most cases, prompts to buy the product. According to the Annual Survey on Personal Appearances, product sampling had been voted as one of the top 4 influencers that directed the choice of the customers.

A Flowing Chain

When customers test and meticulously narrow down their choices through their own eyes, there is little space left for dishonesty from either side of the buyer-seller relationship. A trust is formed; satisfied customers will then spread positive reviews about the company.

Thus, satisfaction with the product, reviews presented by their friends and family, and price were the 3 influencers of product sales.

Spiking ratings, in exchange, will bring more buyers flooding to the gates. This is an essential step in building brand reputation.

Additional Benefits

Along with swaying the customers into buying the product provided for sampling, if they happen to like the product over time, they shall come around again and again. This, eventually, will build a strong bond between the buyer and seller. The group of loyal customers will then buy more products from the company, probably even without sampling this time.

Also, more customers will be drawn as it spreads your campaign and marketing arena into a more expansive stretch. You, as a brand, will be further closer to the customer. Therefore, it is the best time to conduct a random rough questionnaire regarding the customers’ preferences. In this way, you will get a blueprint of wishes seething into the customers’ minds that you can, in turn, use to develop a new product that will be to the liking of the masses.

The challenging peak to reach in business is the retention of customers. Therefore, roll some profitable customer loyalty programs and regularly send them samples of new products to keep them intrigued. It will create a positive impact for your entire brand and not just the product.


There are more ways to evolve in the industry rather than just beauty sampling. To direct customers to your brand, you need to draw their eyes analytically and strategically hold it longer by keeping the engagement mechanism.

Promotional means of campaigns to interact well with customers, including posts on various social media platforms, emails and quizzes for engagement, and sending samples too!

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