Is It Non-Stick To Make Pancakes On Other Cooking Gadgets Except For The Gas Oven?


From the name, it’s easy to guess it’s nothing but a type of cake. It’s a thin, flat cake, fried on both sides in a pan. Usually, few pancakes are served together by layers and with sweet sauces or toppings such as maple syrup, jam, or honey.

People have thought it’s an American dish. You will be surprised to know it is not! The exact origin of Pancake is Greece and Rome. From over 5300, it has been serving as breakfast. Even a mention of the pancake was found in Shakespeare’s plays. But the name “pancake” was given by the 15th century Americans.

Pancakes were made from wheat flour, olive oil, honey, and curdled milk back then. As time passed, pancakes became one of the favourite breakfasts, and after lots of modifications in the recipe, pancakes became even more tasty and fancy. Now pancake exists all over the world, and each culture has its unique take of them.

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Non-Stick To Make Pancakes

How to make pancakes


  • One cup all-purpose flour
  • Two tablespoons powdered sugar
  • Half teaspoon baking powder
  • Half teaspoon salt
  • One-fourth cup milk or buttermilk
  • Three tablespoons melted butter or refined oil
  • One large egg


Remember to mix dry ingredients and wet ingredients in two different bowls and whisk the batter with electronic whisker because too much whisking is not appropriate for pancakes. It can lead to tight, chewy pancakes

  • Step 1:Take a large bowl and put the flour in it. Then put baking powder, salt and mix it well
  • Step 2:Now, take another bowl and beat the egg in it. When the egg is thoroughly beaten, add the butter, milk, sugar, and whisk it well.
  • Step 3: Then pour the liquid mixture slowly into the bowl of dry ingredients. Now whisk the batter. Remember, consistency should not be very loose and smooth.
  • Step 4:Use a non-stick pan to fry the pancakes. Brush the pan with oil and keep the heat on medium. Pour one-fourth cup batter on the pan. Cover the pan with a glass lid. When you can see small bubbles in the batter, flip it. Now repeat the process and fry as many pancakes as can be fried.


Put the pancakes one over the other and pour any sweet sauce on it. Like maple syrup or honey. Last but not least, garnish your pancakes with a small dollop of butter.

Selection of Cookware for pancakes

Pancakes are the easiest as well as delicious food. The ingredients can be found in anyone’s kitchen so that you can make it anytime. The best part is you need a non-stick smooth surface so that you can easily flip it. Only then you can have pancakes with perfectly golden brown on both sides of it.

So except gas oven, you can use an induction oven or a roti maker. If you don’t have a roti maker yet in your kitchen please see this Rotimatic Review and get one for your kitchen.

Pancakes on an induction oven

While cooking on a gas oven, you need to have lots of patience to get the perfect heat. And in case of induction, you need to know the right power level. So clearly, the process of making pancakes speeds up while using induction. You need a perfect pan for it, as you can’t use regular pans on induction.


Follow the previous recipe and prepare the pancake batter.

Place a pan on the cooktop. And again, follow the previous method and pour the batter on it.

Remember not to set the temperature too high. It will prevent your pancake from being cooked from the inside, and your pancakes will be burnt outside and will remain uncooked inside. So keep the temperature medium.

Don’t forget to preheat the pan before placing the batter. Keep the power level 5 (1 to 10 ) on the induction cooktop.

Your pancakes will be ready within a pretty short time, and you can have your favourite breakfast without any hassle.

Pancakes On The Roti Maker

Making pancakes on roti maker is even easier than making on induction. You don’t even have to search for any specific pan for the cooking process. The cooking surface of the roti maker is designed as a non-stick Tawa.


Set medium heat and pour the pancake batter on its cooking surface. After 2 minutes, flip it. Your pancake will be ready to eat. Brushing the surface with oil is not necessary. But if you want the buttery taste on your pancakes, you can brush a minimal amount of melted butter on the surface.

You can use a Rotimatic roti maker to get the best result. You can find different kinds of roti makers in rotimaticwhich will reduce your efforts while making roti and will give you perfectly round and soft Rotis. You can also create different dishes on roti makers like dosa, pizza, etc.


Pancakes are typically served for breakfast, but as they said, each person has their own choice. Some people like it as desert, some as an evening snack or some as dinner. Some people like it with chocolate spread; on the other hand, some like it with butter spread and dusted powdered sugar.

There are very few people who do not like pancakes. It has been spread all over the world. People from different places use their own creativity and modifies the pancake recipe. Especially at this age, when people are always busy and working all the time, pancakes are their day saver. Why it won’t be? It’s evident because, with a little bit of effort and a short time, people can have such delicious food with so many possible options.

Another advantage of the pancake is that you can cook it anytime, anywhere. Imagine you are out of gas, you have options of electronic cooking gadgets. Imagine you can’t find a proper pan to cook it, roti maker or tortilla maker will help you out. The pancake is a pretty famous dish that is preferred and loved by so many people.

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