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Most people wish to play games on their computers, but what if the video game you wish to play is made for another system? For information, it is said to be the largest website for the emulators for many for sure. CoolROM is basically a database for video games such as game boy, Nintendo 64, DS, GBA, and many more. Well, If not on mobile phones than people play video games on computers or their laptops.

Emulators actually authorize a person to run the software and pregame hatch are made to play on another system and ROMs are used to play games on your system. CoolROM gives you surplus information about the whole manifestations of gaming and also provides downloads for several emulators as well as ROMs. Coolrom provides the latest emulators to run video games. CoolROM is virus-free and also safe. CoolROM is meant for the gaming lovers who wish to play retro or classic games on their system which supports internet connection as well as the game.

But what if the site goes down or has been shut due to any reason! In such cases, it becomes very important to have a note of other alternatives that can be of benefit. To reduce your stress and take the load from you, We have listed down a few alternatives to CoolROM for you.


Alternatives of CoolROM

The old computer

The old computer is an amazing site for classic gaming. It has a collection of more than 590,000 Snes ROMs, DS ROMs, Gameboy ROMs, and many more. It also gives the emulators to run on the ROMs and thus permits the people to memorize all. The old computer, to the systems, provides assets that support them such as software, manuals for the system, game manuals, CD art, box art, disks, booklets for instructions, old advertisements, and books.

The old computer has a solid group as sell through the discussions, several givers as well as caretakers. It also consists of numerous uncommon ROMs as well as emulators, and for more than 550 different computer systems. It also has a massive extension of MAME sets of almost every site on the internet.  The old computer has MAME for iPad, iPhone, all sorts of IOS gadgets and Android phones.


Just like CoolROMs, DopeROMs is also a great arena for classic computer gaming. This website supports you and sanctions you to play retro games on your computer or mobile phone. The best part is that you would not get annoyed because of the advertisements as in this website there are no advertisements which get popped out in between. You can play directly on the site without disturbance. This website provides you with a massive number of emulators as well as ROMs which are all available and allows download interface and that too without any advertisements or even spam. This website allows doing quick downloads to your system, mobile phone, iPad or tablet.

Here you will come across ROMs for Sega, Nintendo NES, SNES, MAME, mame4all, commodore and also mame4ios, SNK, Atari, and also many other 450 different systems. This website moreover consists of emulators who are anticipated to operate the ROMS on your systems, on all iOS gadgets, iPhone and Mac.  The doperoms also frequently upgrade the emulators as well as ROMS to ensure you can run the retro games on your Android phone or your smartphone.


Perfect place for classic and retro you will come across a huge number of ROMs and emulators and retro games as well. You can download and play the games with the help of an emulator. Apart from this, emuparadise also gives you the option of choosing the server you wish to download from and this gives you the advantage of choosing the fastest server. This website has approximately 45% more classic games than all other websites. It has also translated ROMs for the people who love JRPGs that they can finally play now.


This website is deeply committed to a few things such as NDS emulators as well as Nintendo DS.

The main intention of this website is to make it easy for the people viewing this to take a look at the latest developments in the NDS and also download the records of the emulator. All are provided to you in just one single place.

This site examines the emulators and then works out on a particular guideline that will help you and provide you with the best method to operate it. NDS emulator is basically a program that you hold running on your computer, and on such a pc which authorizes you to carry on various projects which are actually inferred for another system. If we tell in a vast sense then this emulator copy the components of a single framework with a different framework in order to carry on the mainframe by the second framework.


The work of RomUlation is to utilize a guiding system towards downloads of emulators as well as ROMs. There will be thousands of focuses associated with your record when you join RomUlation, which will be eager to remove you.  Every MB that you download at least requires 1 point. Suppose you want to download 50 MB then this will require 50 points. All the records of RomUlation are attempted consistently to make sure that all of them separate appropriately.

Final words

CoolRom is a perfect site for those who love to play classic or retro games but alternatives should always be kept in mind because you never know when the site goes down. Even if the site is not working you have the above alternatives to go for in order to play the classic games. All the above are sites that are perfect for quick downloads and emulators and Roms as well. All of these websites are highly safe and secure as well. Many websites give you the benefit of not getting irritated and disturbed by the advertisements because most ads are very annoying.

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