How to Care for Hydrangea?

Hydrangea flowers appear in spring. The bush continues to bloom throughout the summer, and growing these flowers is as easy as caring bouquets placed in a vase. The FiftyFlowers brand offers bulk hydrangea flowers and explains why these flowers are undervalued and how to care for bouquets properly.


Hydrangeas for decoration

A hydrangea flower is a chic inflorescence, so you can make a beautiful composition even from several stems. On the occasion of celebrations, you can buy bulk hydrangea stems: it is much cheaper than roses, but it looks no less delicate and attractive. Especially since the inflorescence can be any color: from soft white or almost pink to blue or bright purple. The flower’s color depends on the level of acidity in the soil. However, it is also possible to paint pure white petals in the desired shade by adding dyes to water.

Buy beautiful hydrangeas in bulk — this is a good choice for chic bouquets and room decoration. Stabilized flowers stand for a long time without losing petals and look stunning.

Caring for a bouquet: Main tips

Let’s start with the fact that before buying bulk hydrangeas, you must make sure that the inflorescence is fresh and has no damage: spots and dry or darkened petals. The flower should be elastic: in this case, the bouquet will last two weeks or even longer. All bouquets must be cut with a special knife as hydrangea stems are stubby and woody. The cut must be at an angle of approximately 45 degrees. It will help the flowers absorb moisture better and delight you with their beauty and freshness for longer.

A few more tips:

  • Flowers wither faster in direct sunlight.
  • Change the water daily.
  • Remove all leaves that fall into the water.
  • You can feed the flowers: this way, they will stand longer.

Immediately remove the faded flowers from the bouquet — and you do not need to throw away the entire composition. Enjoy the magical hydrangeas, give them as gifts, and decorate the garden and rooms with their help because it is beautiful!

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