5 Ways to Keep Birds Off Your Building

Are there a lot of birds nesting on your building? Over time, birds choose spots that they believe are safe and secure for building a nest and laying eggs. This is often somewhere high up away from predators, as well as near to a food source. Indeed, this might turn out to be your building. You can start with one or two birds and before you know it, there can be a lot of them.

The good news is that you do not have to just tolerate birds on your building. After all, they can cause a lot of damage and destruction. Instead, there are several anti-bird mechanisms you can choose from depending on the building you have and your overall budget. Let’s take a look at five ways to keep birds off your building.

Ways to Keep Birds Off Your Building

Select an Anti-Bird Mesh System

First of all, you can create an anti-bird mesh system for your building. This involves using mesh to stop birds from accessing certain areas of your property. It is suitable for covering large areas and you can choose from a selection of colours so that it blends in with the aesthetic of the building. It can be a permanent fixture or used temporarily. This is one of the options that is available from Apex Bird Control.

The good thing about creating a mesh system is that it is a robust anti-bird solution. In particular, this means that it is durable and it is going to last a long time. In particular, it is recommended for areas that people can access. Nets and other light materials can easily get damaged. But, this mesh is designed to last and it can be clamped in place for security. Of course, it is also a humane way to stop birds nesting on your property.

Install Anti-Bird Netting

Next, there is anti-bird netting. This is going to be a good way to protect your building from the damage that birds can create. By setting up netting, you are going to be restricting them from accessing a certain area. It is a humane signal that they are not going to want to nest there. What’s more, the anti-bird netting is discreet and it can blend in with your building. You can choose from different colours and fix it in most places to stop birds from building their nests.

Consider Anti-Bird Spike Systems

Do you find that birds are nesting on high ledges on your building? This is often a favourite spot for a variety of birds since they feel like it is safe and away from predators. But, the problem is, this can cause damage to your building since dropping can be acidic, as well as their feather leading to blocked drain pipes.

A good way to prevent birds from nesting is to install anti-bird spike systems. Just like the name suggests, this has a polycarbonate base and there are spikes attached. This is not to be harmful to birds. Instead, they will see the spike system and choose not to nest there. It is a cost-effective way to keep them away from your building.

Try Hawking for Bird Scaring

The next suggestion is a natural bird scaring method. Hawks can be used to scare away birds and prevent them from making nests on a building. As birds of prey, hawks are intimidating to a lot of other species. Indeed, they are seen as a threat to survival and this means that other birds will choose not to build a nest somewhere they perceive as unsafe. They will choose not to lay their eggs and they can even move on from a building if there is a hawk present.

Hawking is not a technique that involves attack. Simply, the presence of this bird can be enough to move along nesting birds. Suddenly, your building can become less attractive to them.

Choose a Post and Wire System

If you are looking for a simple and discreet mechanism to stop birds nesting on your building, take a look at a post and wire system. What a lot of people like about this option is that it is nearly invisible when it is used in high areas. For example, you can use a post and wire system for high ledges, beams and windowsills. From ground level, you are not going to see it. It involves using spring-tensioned wires and they are attached to posts. The birds are safely and simply deterred from settling on any flat areas of your building. This is a long-lasting solution for your property.

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