Nle Choppa Age, Height, Instagram, Net worth, wiki and Lesser Known Facts

NLE Choppa is also famous as YNR Choppa, baby Mexico, and an awakened Choppa. He was born on November 1st in the year 2002 in Memphis, Tennessee. Ne started getting notified by people because of the talent he has and he is best in Hip hop and trap. However, he is into many roles like he is a rapper, singer, and songwriter and he plays vocals.

Nle choppa

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Nle Choppa Age, Height, Instagram, Net worth, wiki and lesser known facts

Real NameBryson Lashun Potts
Date of BirthNovember 1, 2002 ( Memphis, Tennessee, United States )
Age 17 Years Approx (Oct 2020 )
Height6 feet 1 inch
  • Rapper
  • singer
  • songwriter
Girlfriend/WifeNot Known
Children1 daughter
Net worth$3 Million Approx
Social MediaInstagram – @ nlechoppamusic ( not official )

Twitter – @ Nlechoppa1

Youtube – @ NLECHOPPA 


Basic information about NLE

Nle is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter and renowned you Tuber. When his singles came ‘Shotta flow’ his presence became noticeable in the lives of people. It was not just the fact he was also on the list of Billboard hot 100 and it was none less than an honor for him.

He is already at his tender age and he was born to a Jamaican mother and an African- American father. His childhood remained beautiful but he started working at a very early age. When he was just 14 he embarked on freestyling along with his friends. It was then he discovered that music is not just a thing he likes but he has a passion for it. At the age of 15, he made it his career and started singing.

About his career

Shotta Flow changed his life and he was all over the places, minds, and hearts of people.  All the work of Nle is managed by Angela Potts and since he is into singing she is managing it beautifully. He has also realized his first song ‘No love anthem’ in the year 2018 and used the name YNR Choppa. In the month of FebruaryNlereleased sequel of it and named it ‘Shotta Flow 2’ and this time. The video collected 20 million views within two months and it was a big achievement for him by then. There was even a statement that came out by Carl Lamarre from Billboard and it was ‘recent dominance has silenced any detractors’.

His global popularity

Nlechoppa is a global name and his identity needs no introduction today. In the times of making a career, he used to listen to Lil Wayne and he got so much inspiration from. He listens to a lot of YGK as a kid and when he was in the process of his career. The other one who inspired him was Bob Marley. Nle says: ‘I am a huge fan and his lyrics were magical and powerful’. So his favorite rapper was Lil Wayne and he also performed at the ‘Beale Street Music festival’. He really received so much love and appreciation from his fans.

Besides work his family and personal life

NleChoppa is all over the places, he is there on social media. He is really doing great in his career; the YouTube channel which he had started running on January 27, 2018, is going great. It has now turned into 745k subscribers as of May 2019. He has even featured in his first vlog ‘NLE Choppa Cali Vlog’ to Jake Paul. Nle is really in a close relationship with his mother Angeleta Ellis Potts. She is the one who even manages all of his works. Ellis Potts is also on Instagram and she has also great numbers of followers. It is known by very few that Nle has a clothing brand and sells phone cases too under the name ‘No Love entertainment’ (NLE). His further plans are bigger, where he is willing to turn this small brand into one of the most famous brands in the United States.

Nle as an athlete

Yes, you have heard it right Nle is one also an athlete whose real name is Bryson Potts. When he was in high school he developed an interest in sports and he started playing basketball there. There he went for Karate lessons and he involved himself in learning new things. Although people say that growing up in a place like Memphis is not easy in fact, it is one of the tougher things but he kept himself away from the gang and invested in himself. His journey of learning remained quite wonderful and he was always like learning new things.

What was the strength of Nle and who he kept himself motivated?

No one in this world can have motivation outside; it is always from inside and those people who believe in themselves. They are the ones who are bale in passing the toughest phases of their life. Since childhood, I was seeing children of my age getting indulge in uncomfortable things but I had decided I really want to turn myself into something good. I will do this and I started working upon myself and that is how my motivation journey begins. When I started this, gradually it became my motivation and it became a natural desire and thing. It never let me down ever, whenever I wanted to give up, I used to think about those visions in which, I used to see myself doing things I love and by the time I became.

His current projects

Though currently, I am loaded with many projects and I will announce them once my 99% work will be done. These projects will be whole new experiments and people will surely love it and get something new on their way. This covid 19 had stopped many things for a moment but I have started working on my projects now.

Winding up

You can follow him on his social media account and you can listen to his songs on Spotify. All the songs sung by him are available there and you can follow him on his social media account. You can also receive all the information about him by staying with us and collect all the information about him. You can also follow him on his YouTube channel and listen to his songs. He is an active social media user, he has a great number of followers on Instagram and on YouTube channel. He is on the list of many and he is loved by millions.

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