What The Colour Of Your Contact Lenses Says About You!

In Malaysia, more than six in ten people wear prescription eyewear. For many, eyeglasses are acceptable and even stylish, but for those who want a free and natural appearance, or who don’t want the physical impediment of wearing glasses whilst engaged in sports and physical activities, contact lenses are the way to go. Contact lenses can fit under sunglasses or swim goggles, and aren’t prone to falling off and breaking in the way glasses are, plus contacts look natural!

Vision is the sense we use more than any other, so for those who suffer impairments like short-sightedness, wearing contact lenses with power is a crucial part of their daily existence. The thing many people still don’t realize is that modern contact lens technology allows us to make some style choices when choosing our lenses that can have an enhancing effect on our appearance! What are we talking about? Colour!

Contact Lenses

Let’s take a look at some of the things your choice of contact lens color might say about you according to several surveys:


Brown is the most common eye colour in the world, most certainly in Malaysia, but you would be mistaken in thinking it’s a colour without personality! Brown-eyed people are considered to be gentle, loyal, and respectful, admirable traits to be sure! Regarding adding some colour, there are many different shades of brown lenses that a naturally brown-eyed person can use to accent their eyes, like sienna, copper, chocolate, and amber that will give you that extra special sparkle!


The favourite eye colour of many people around the world, those who wear blue-colored contact lenses are regarded as being adventurous, intuitive, and charming.


Contact lenses in shades of green lend the wearer an alluring, mysterious, and magical air.


This is a less popular choice, but it has its devout followers. Hazel denotes intelligence, artistry, and wisdom, the perfect choice for a teacher or an artist.


People who wear purple contact lenses want to stand out in the crowd! Natural purple eye colour is extremely rare, and purple lenses are definitely eye-catching! Purple denotes independence, and a poetic, non-conformist nature.


You might be surprised how many people crave the garish glare of red contact lenses! Red contact wearers are wanton, wild partiers who love the nightlife, but best beware- they might actually be vampires!

Colored contacts are in trend and available from a leading online Malaysian provider.


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