What You Need to Know About Implantable Contact Lenses

When you are suffering from poor eyesight, you can feel like your life is more difficult or perhaps more strenuous than it needs to be. Improving the quality of your eyesight and improving clarity will help you feel better, and it will allow you to lead a full and more fulfilled life. However, when it comes to improving youtube eyesight, do you know what options are available to you, and do you know what is well suited to your eyes and to your circumstances. The more that you know about a treatment, then the more of an informed decision can be made. If you know that laser eye surgery is not going to be right or beneficial to you, then you have to start investigating what implantable contact lenses are and how they can transform your eyesight.

Implantable Contact Lenses

What They Are

Implantable contact lenses are a great alternative to laser eye surgery, and they can give you better and clearer eyesight in the process. Implantable lenses are made using a combination of collagen and plastic. An implantable Collamer (collagen + plastic) lens is placed between your natural lens and iris. The implanted lens will help the natural lens to refract light, and this will give you a clearer vision. Implantable contact lenses will sit deep within your eye. This is important to remember because they are not like a daily use contact lens and will not be damaged if you touch your eye.

When They Are Used

Implantable contact lenses, or ICL for short, are used to correct vision, and they are used when laser surgery would not be suitable or recommended. For example, if your corneas are too thin, laser surgery is not recommended, how thick your cornea is can affect what treatment or surgery is offered. They may also be discussed if your prescription is high and again not suitable for laser surgery. They are used when you want the benefits of clear vision and eyesight, without the hassle of daily contact lenses.

Having an Initial Assessment – Your Suitability

Finding out as much as you can is, of course, important, but you also have to focus on having a physical assessment. Establishing your suitability and discussing your options by having an assessment at a well-trusted and reputable surgery is always recommended. When it comes to searching for ICL, you need to look for ICL surgery Brisbane or for ICL surgery close to your home or place of work. The initial assessment that you have will help to avoid any misinformation, and it will help you get other questions answered that you may be pondering.

Getting Rid of the Glasses

Getting rid of your glasses can feel like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders – especially if you have been wearing glasses for many years. Wearing glasses can change how you feel, and it can affect your confidence levels too. Freeing yourself from the daily burden of wearing glasses is definitely a major advantage of having implantable contact lenses.

How Long Treatment Takes and What Happens

A lot of eye treatments and surgeries can prevent you from working or carrying out your normal activities. However, ICL is a little different. The best thing about ICL is that the whole procedure is relatively quick, taking on average 30 minutes to complete. It is quick because an anesthetic eye drop is added to numb your eyes and to prevent any pain. A small incision is then made to insert the ICL into your eye.

Recovering After Surgery – What Should You be Doing

As the surgery is so quick, you can expect a recovery time of anything from a few hours to a day or two (at the maximum). This convenient surgery means that you don’t have to book a lot of time off from work. It also means that you can look after yourself and not have to depend on others for help and assistance. After having ICL surgery, you are advised not to touch or tamper with your eyes. Taking things easy and avoiding any strenuous activities will further aid your recovery time.

Taking Back Control of Your Vision

Now that you have all of the information you need to hand it is time to take action. Sitting around and waiting for your eyesight to get better is not an option. Getting a free assessment carried out and finding the right clinic is crucial. The right clinic will be one that reassures you and that gives you all of the information you need. The sooner you start the process, the sooner you can get booked in and get your ICL completely. After this, you can begin to enjoy and feel the freedom of not wearing glasses all of the time or of not having to use daily disposable contact lenses.

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