Foodie Gifts for Vegans

The number of vegans living in South Korea is increasing all the time. According to the Korean Vegetarian Union, there are now 500,000 vegans living in South Korea, with about 1.5 million actively trying to eat more plant-based foods. If you are looking for food-related gift ideas for your vegan friend, here is a list of great gifts that vegans will love.

Foodie Gifts for Vegans


Chocolates are always a classic gift option. You might think that chocolate is not vegan—it contains milk, right?

Not always! More and more high-quality chocolate that is suitable for vegans is appearing on the market, such as these vegan chocolate boxes. Treat your friend to a sweet treat for their next birthday or special occasion.

A Rescue Animal

If you are looking for an extra-special gift, you could always adopt a rescue animal for your friend. Many vegans are lovers of animals, and if they have got the space for a pet, rescuing an animal makes for an incredibly thoughtful gift.

It is obviously a good idea to check in with them in advance to make sure this is something they would be able to look after—animal care can be time consuming, after all. If you get the go-ahead, a rescue animal is an adorable present.

Vegan Cheese

Vegan cheese is improving in quality all the time, but it can be expensive. If your vegan friend is missing their favorite dairy treat, why not buy them a selection of delicious vegan cheeses?

Create a Hamper

If you know what types of food your friend likes, you could always create a beautiful hamper as a gift.

Buy a nice basket or box, decorate it, and fill it with a selection of your friend’s favorite treats, sweet or savory. This is such a thoughtful gift, and your friend will be sure to love it.

Cook Them a Meal!

Another good gift idea is to invite your friend over and provide them with a home-cooked vegan meal. This is ideal if you are short on cash, as ingredients don’t have to cost much. As an added bonus, you will get to spend some quality time with your friend, making this a gift for both of you.

Take Them out to Dinner

Alternatively, if you are a bit of a disaster in the kitchen, you could take them out for dinner.

Instead of choosing a restaurant that suits you, make sure you book a table at a restaurant that has plenty of vegan options on the menu. There are some 100% vegan restaurants in Seoul, but other options include restaurants with good selections of vegan choices. Do your research and choose carefully.


Many vegans have to become kitchen whizzes, as there is often less choice for vegans than meat-eaters when ordering in or eating out. With that in mind, kitchenware such as pots, pans, or dishes can make a fantastic gift.

Sharp knives are a must for chopping safely, so consider a set of quality knives or a knife sharpener.

There are plenty of vegan-friendly gift options available to suit any budget. Whether you want to buy them a simple gift to unwrap or you would prefer to spend some quality time together, your friend is sure to be thrilled with your choice.

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