Ripple XRP Cryptocurrency Overview

Ripple crypto XRP is a token of the Ripple network developed as an alternative to traditional payment systems such as SWIFT to eliminate their crucial disadvantages. Traditional banks, for example, offer transfers at a high cost. This means that every time you need to send money to relatives abroad, you have to pay high transaction fees. In addition, these transfers are always delayed. In other words, conventional bank services do not offer instant transfer options. Ripple has come up with a solution to these problems, proposing much better money transfer conditions:

  1. Instant money transfers
  2. Low fees
  3. No middlemen
  4. Compatibility with many crypto and fiat assets.

Many large financial companies already use the Ripple network. Ripple’s problem is the legal proceedings with the SEC that have taken for years already. For this reason, the Ripple XRP price is not rising much: In autumn 2022, the XRP to USDT pair trades between $0.3347 – $0.45.

Ripple XRP Cryptocurrency Overview

Where Can I See the Ripple Graph and Buy This Asset?

Suppose Ripple clears up all misunderstandings with the SEC. In this case, Ripple would have the opportunity to gain a broader range of applications and partnerships with more financial institutions worldwide, and the price of Ripple crypto could rise. You can keep track of the price changes on the Coinmarketcap resource.

In the meantime, you can buy this coin at a lower price and keep it or use it for trading. On the WhiteBIT cryptocurrency exchange, you can buy cryptocurrencies with a debit card. For example, let’s say you don’t have any coins yet, and Ripple crypto is the first coin you want to buy. So you register with WhiteBIT, verify your account, add your debit card and transfer dollars or euros from your debit card to your account. Then click on “Exchange” and select XRP from the table that appears. You will see the current XRP cryptocurrency rate and the fee you should pay for the transaction. If it suits you, make the transaction, and you will receive XRP in your account within seconds. On WhiteBIT, you can also learn the ripple graph, divide it into periods (years, months, days) and see how Ripple XRP price changes.

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