Signs You Need to Replace Your Motorcycle Batteries

Keep your motor running wherever you ride with a new motorcycle battery. Whether you’re preparing to head down a cross-country highway or take on your daily commute, find out how to spot the signs of a worn-out battery, what exactly an exhaust system does, and where to turn for motorcycle parts and motorcycle helmets for sale online.

Motorcycle Batteries

Bike batteries use the same technology as a car battery. This lead-acid component will last for years as long as your alternator is working correctly. Any of these signs could be caused by a battery that’s reached the end of its life or a faulty alternator:

  • Fading electrical systems
  • Starting problems
  • Unusual or low multimeter readings
  • Overloaded electrical system
  • Old battery

Most batteries are ready to be retired in about four years. Check your manufacturer’s recommendations on battery replacement time frames and swap it out for a new one before you find yourself stranded at work or on the roadside. Batteries come in a lot of different sizes and specifications, so be sure you order one that matches your current model.

If your multimeter doesn’t show any issues, or a new battery doesn’t solve the problem, you may have a damaged alternator. Test your alternator and consider replacing it before your next ride. This key component helps charge the battery, so a bad alternator means your battery will drain as you ride and listen to your favorite music or charge your smartphone.

What Does the Exhaust Do for a Motorcycle?

If you have biker friends who are obsessed with the best exhaust system for their ride, you may not see the appeal. There are, however, several key reasons to consider upgrading your exhaust. This vital system keeps your engine breathing easily. The best air intake in the world won’t do you a lot of good if all that air can’t be drawn out of your engine.

A clogged or inefficient exhaust can create an imbalance air/fuel ratio. When this happens, your motorcycle engine will run lean, which increases its operating temperature and reduces its longevity. Compare exhaust systems and other BMW motorcycle parts to be sure you have a matched intake and exhaust system.

Your exhaust system also alters the sound of your engine. In a car, the goal is to create a sleek, quiet sound as you cruise. Motorcycles slightly decrease the amount of muffling in their exhaust systems. This helps other motorists hear you coming, and it also gives your ride that unique head-turning feature most bikers love.

Finally, this system includes a catalytic converter. This key component reduces the emissions of your bike. It converts highly toxic and polluting gases into less-toxic and less-polluting fumes. The precious metals in this component make it a highly effective way to keep your bike green as you cruise.

 Where To Find the Best Motorcycle Parts

Online shopping makes it easy to compare motorcycle parts, gear and other goodies. From a new motorcycle exhaust to a pair of gloves to match your riding jacket, find everything you need online. Have it shipped to your garage just in time for your next two-wheeled adventure.

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