The Top 5 Dog Breeds With the Strongest Bite

There are several misconceptions and disinformation surrounding the topic of dog bites. There’s the generalized belief that Chihuahuas are the breed most prone to bite or that a Pit Bull has lock jaw, but both statements are not exactly true.

When it comes to the force with which different dog breeds may bite, there is still a lot of that is unclear. Breeds like German Shepherds, Pit Bulls, or Rottweilers are said to have some of the worst bites, as well as unbelievable stats of the exact force of their bite. Again, while the numbers may be correct, there are a number of specific breeds that may have even more bite strength than the breeds that are named the most.

Strongest Bite

In this article, we rank some of the strongest dog bites, which are calculated by PSI (or pounds per square inch).

However, before we begin, we want to note that the stats here represent the best knowledge of the subject. A few respectable scientific studies have pointed out that most numbers have problems. For one thing, getting a dog to bite down as hard as it can is difficult. Some stats are recorded via a rawhide treat, which has a device embedded to measure the force. However, a dog may bite down with different power on a dog treat than it would on something it sees as a threat. The bite’s placement is also important. A dog’s front teeth don’t have the same force as its molars do.

The other thing to remember is that a dog can and will bite someone when they are either provoked or scared. You never want to approach a dog you don’t know and you never want to give your dog a chance to bite someone. When a bite occurs, it’s important that you talk to a lawyer. If you live in Connecticut, reach out to a dog bite lawyer in Bridgeport, CT to discuss your legal options, either in your defense or to secure a settlement.

5. Tosa Inu

The Tosa Inu, also known as the Japanese Mastiff, bites down with a force of 556 psi. They are as massive and scary as related breeds. However, unlike many other Mastiffs who are funny and playful, these canines are guarded and vigilant.

Generally, the Tosa Inus has an even temperament, but socializing and training them is needed. You should pay close attention to their behavior toward other dogs, since they may be aggressive and irritable when they believe another dog is a danger toward their family and/or territory.

4. Dogue de Bordeaux

The Dogue de Bordeaux, which is also known as French Mastiff, is an ancient breed with origins dating back to the 14th century. On farms, these massive canines were used for a variety of tasks, including hauling carts and protecting cattle.

Many people believe that this is one of the world’s earliest Mastiff breeds, descending straight from the Greek Molossus, a massive military dog said to be the forefather of all current Mastiffs.

3. Cane Corso

The Mastiff breed has many specific types, spanning across the world. For #3 in our ranking, we see the Cane Corso, also known as the Italian Mastiff, which has a 700 psi bite force. These dogs were originally quite prevalent across the region, but they are now primarily restricted to Puglia’s southern area.

Cane Corsos aren’t as large as other Mastiffs, weighing in at about 110 pounds on average. They are, however, far more muscular than their relatives, which explains why they have the ability to bite so hard.

2. Bandog

Boasting a bite force of 730 psi, the Bandog Mastiff is said to have originated in England during the 13th century and is a cross between the Pit Bull Terrier and the Neapolitan Mastiff. Other DNA is almost certainly present in the Bandog breed, with Bullenbeissers being the most widely mentioned candidates.

The breed is scarce — so much so that kennels seldom recognize them. Their name stems from the breed being “banded up” until being used in wars or as typical guard dogs. Although they have a terrifying reputation, they love affection and will even jump on your lap, despite being around 125 pounds.

1. Kangal

The Kangal has a recorded bite force of 743 psi. Surprisingly, it is the only breed on this list that is not related to the Mastiff. They are Turkish, but have roots in Central Asia. It’s no wonder that their bite is so strong, as they were utilized as herding dogs who would fight off wild animals like wolves, lions or even bears.

These are working dogs at their core, and although they may be terrific companions, they will always be on call. They are very watchful and defensive when it comes to their family and may be distant toward those they don’t know. If they are socialized, the Kangal can be a loving dog who is devoted to their family.

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