Tech Accessories You Need

Pairing on-trend accessories with your laptop, phone, and tablet is a great way to improve your overall style. Accessories can elevate your day to day look while working, at home, or on the go. We’ve compiled a list of the best tech accessory ideas to make you an efficient style icon for your best year ever.

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Tech Accessories You Need in 2019

A Pastel Laptop Cover

Laptop covers give your computer a cushion to avoid any sort of cracks or damage while also keeping your computer clean. Finding a laptop cover that complements your style is easy and will make you look even more put together. Pastels are thriving in 2019and you can be too with a pastel laptop cover. You can even decorate your laptop cover with stickers without damaging your laptop.

Patterned iPhone Case

Cute iPhone cases in 2019 are the perfect way to show your personality. What better way to showcase your favorite design than on something you carry around with you everywhere? There are iPhone case designs of all varieties ranging in style and protection, so you can find a case that best suits your needs. We suggest a marble, geometric, or color-blocked pattern that matches your personality to stay on trend in 2019.

Colored Charging Cord

Getting a charging cord in your favorite color is a great addition to your tech accessories. You will always know which cord is yours, and you can get a color that matches the color of your devices! Sometimes the subtlest accessories can make the biggest difference, and we think this is definitely the case with a colored charging cord.

Patterned PopSocket

PopSockets are one of the newest and trendiest tech accessories for phones. They allow you to get a better grip on your phone to reduce damage caused by drops. They come in a wide range of designs so you can find one that best goes with your personal style, your favorite pop culture references, or your other accessories.

Unique Portable Charger

Portable chargers are a necessity for anyone who is frequently on the go. They allow you to charge your phone from anywhere, so you do not have to worry about finding an outlet or charging station away from home.

You can find many unique portable chargers that come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. We love animal shaped and food shaped portable chargers for a unique and cute addition to your everyday accessories.

Cute Phone Charm

Phone charms can personalize your tech and are also a handy way to help find your phone when it’s lost at the bottom of your bag. Typically, phone charms come on a small strap and have a small caricature that hangs from your cell phone. This is a subtle way to show everyone your style or favorite character while making your phone unique!

Smartphone Wallet

If you’re always on the go and never have a place to put your phone, a smartphone wallet is a perfect accessory for you. These wallets have a special pocket that fits your phone in addition to your cash and cards. Some even come with a headphone jack so you can listen to music without having to keep your phone out. They come in many patterns and colors to best fit your style.

Magnetic Cord Keeper

With all the different cords we carry around on a day to day basis, they are always getting tangled together. This frequent problem can be solved with a handy magnetic cord keeper. They keep your cords neatly bundled together and come in different materials and colors!


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