Thomas DeLauer Age, Height, Youtube, Wife, Wiki and Lesser-Known facts

Thomas DeLauer was born on 06 May 1988 in America, USA. He is an American Youtuber. Her city of birth in America, and American ethnicity. He born in the United States, her mother’s home city. He’s currently 32 years old. Currently, in the United States, he is a talented Youtuber. In the United States and a neighboring nation, it’s a renowned YouTuber. He’s an American YouTuber and very effective.

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Thomas DeLauer age, height, Youtube, wife, wiki and lesser known facts

Real NameThomas DeLauer
Date of BirthMay 6, 1988
Place of BirthUnited States
ProfessionBodybuilder, Influencer
Age32 Years ( Nov 2020 )
Height177 cm
WifeAmber DeLauer
Birth Sign
NationalityUnited States
Social MediaInstagram – thomasdelauer

Youtube – ThomasDeLauerOfficial

Born on 6 May 1988, Thomas DeLauer. At the age of 12, he went to study art history in Italy. His weight troubles here start. This time in his videos, he often talks. Around that time, he considers his issues to be unhealthy, like eating too much and not doing something. He was more than 280 pounds at one time. He became an entrepreneur after finishing his studies. He says that he wanted to abandon his dysfunctional way of living and continued to train.

He says this was a turning point in his life. It lasted a few months and during this time it was able to lose over a hundred pounds. He said he was influenced by the Italian sculptures he saw. His high school babysitter, Thomas is married to Amber. She still has a great deal of fitness passion. Thomas Jr, they’ve got one boy. His birth was on 3 November 2017.

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Back in 2009, DeLauer launched its YouTube site. He sought to accumulate over one and a half thousand subscribers over the last eleven years. The first video was posted in 2014 on his channel. He is one of America’s wealthiest YouTubers today. Almost any list of YouTubers with the most relevant in the country will find his name. He has been honored to make the keto diet one of today’s most common diets. At the same time, he was popular as one of the health and lifestyle experts. At present, there are over four million views of this film. Simultaneously on Instagram, he’s pretty involved. He has over 200,000 followers on this social media site.


Thomas is not an outspoken man about his parents’ personal knowledge. He now has his own happy family that he lives in in the United States. Thomas Everett DeLauer Jr is a son born in 2017.


Thomas Delauer is a famous health and businessman. He’s a life and health coaching agency. He has been established. He is also an author who blogs about inflammation and correction of postures within the human body. As an artist, he is also a cover model for the same magazines and has written for some of the world’s most popular health and fitness magazines.


  • 2012 Top Trainer of the Year
  • 2012 Top Recruiter

Early Life

The fitness model he saw in magazine couverture at the age of twelve inspired his love for the practice. At the time, he studied history in Italy and wanted to develop the same muscle physics. He returned shortly to the United States. He was a long distance runner and a rugby player in higher education. in football. It seemed to be easy for his target to create a well-defined body.

Physical Appearance:

Thomas Delauer has a height of 5 feet and 10 inches and a weight of 85 kilograms. He’s got dark coloured eyes and blonde locks. We can reliably forecast your body shape with large arms and six-pack abs as a professional bodybuilder as a muscular and competitive physicist. There were nobody bits inked by Thomas. He is wearing American shoes size 9.

How is he Famous?

Thomas Delauer followed social media after recording his weight loss success and transition on Instagram until he founded his eponymous wellness firm. He wrote and chiselled the works of Muscle & Health, Men’s Fitness, Ironman, Natural Muscle. He became a personal trainer soon afterward and made a few e-books. Also, on his website, he began to sell personalised diet and exercise programs.


Thomas returned to his old ripped self after a few months of hard work and preparation, which seemed like a blob. He topped the scales in a brief period of 280 pounds to 185 pounds. He has been reported in social media for his transition. His reputation increased as he encouraged thousands to suit. Delauer was swamped and in no time he became a personal trainer in fitness magazines to cover shootings and TV interviews.


The nutritional preferences of Thomas Delauer are diverse and wide-ranging. He proposes several treatments, depending on whether it’s bulk or weight loss. He concentrates on nutritious, unprocessed food in all meal plans. He proposed a food regimen and intermittent fasting for Thomas Delauer to facilitate the reduction of weight. He claims some foods cause inflammation in the body. He is under the most extreme pressure. They assume that obesity and disease can be increased while muscle growth is stopped.

Unknown Facts about Thomas DeLauer

  • Thomas taught that in more than one thing in life it is possible to be healthy.
  • He felt he would excel only in one discipline at the beginning of his career.
  • This is why he began to become overweight and lost hold of the workouts of his passion.
  • Thomas realised he had his life turned around and his health had to take over.
  • That was when he discovered that he could cope with a profitable company and build a   fearsome physicality by driving himself harder than he had done before.
  • It’s blocking anything, concentrating on what you have to do and doing work if we hear everything from Thomas.
  • He got awards as Top Trainer of the Year and Top Recruiter.

Thomas DeLauer Net Worth:

The net value of Thomas is $800 million in 2020. His fame does not show signs of halt. We can only expect his net worth to rise in the future because he is still young. Since he was the total opposite of what he is now, his life story is fascinating. In comparison, he succeeded in doing it by himself.

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