10 Best Alternatives of Couch Tuner 2019

Before knowing regarding the Couch Tuner alternatives, let’s understand what it has been? Couch Tuner is a free Tv program and movie streaming site that features a massive database of TV shows and cinema. Users can watch high-quality Show on tv without registration without charge. Here our site brings you an amount of best Couch tuner alternative websites 2019 where you are advised to watch your favorite TV shows and flicks.

Top Couch Tuner Alternative Sites


This webpage is another best CouchTuner alternative website 2019. Therefore, it provides several updated cable and broadcast TV shows. For admirers of animation, there’s Archer, Animaniacs, Adventure Time, Futurama, Bob’s Burgers, and Pinky as well as having Rick and Morty and the Brain. Comedy enthusiasts can watch Broad City, 30 Rock, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, How I Met Your Mother, Community, It is Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Parks and Recreation, Malcolm in the middle, Scrubs, and Seinfeld.

The company is likewise one of the cheapest we’ve tested for both categories. Still, the original series is hit-or-miss; it also does not support offline downloads. Moreover, the most affordable on-demand plan includes ads.


123moveishub is the most appropriate couch tuner alternative website 2019 and, consequently, is an excellent option instead of CouchTuner. The website has a good interface and user experiences; things are categorized in the section; users can navigate this site quickly. One most exceptional part may be that you don’t see any ad on this website, but it surely doesn’t mean you will not see ads in the future.

You should search the best TV shows inside the search bar because this site doesn’t get you a special section regarding the TV shows, due to it has got a part regarding the movies, users may choose video as per the actor. This website has around 2million traffic in one month, as well as having a big part of traffic arises from America, UK, India, Canada, and Australia.


This is among the best alternative couch tuner sites. As you can read within the comforts solarmovie, the web page travels to movie fans. However, this does not suggest that you can not get a Show on tv. Instead, there is a vast assortment of movies and TV shows on the web pages. Within this site, you’ll find the latest videos and popular shows.

Take a look at content by selecting a style. Should you not visit the favorite content on our website, you can also request it. If you would like a movie download app, you can utilize Vidmate for Android.


Putlocker is probably one of the top websites where you can view the latest movies and show free. It furnishes regular updates with most recent movies and TV series. You are also able to browse content by choosing style and year. It shared the most beneficial music streaming sites. It has been an internet-based streaming staple that many people used a handful of sites for online watching before instantly recognize.

It must movies and TV shows alike, and there’s always plenty of mirrors to choose from, so availability isn’t an issue. Besides Hollywood blockbusters, Additionally, it has movies and TV shows from Japan, Korea, Thailand, Hongkong, Taiwan, India, China, France, and several other countries.

Movie Joy

Movies Joy link you excellent interface and user experiences, you wouldn’t see any ad on this site, but it doesn’t prove that you certainly will never see an advert, after getting popularity some may place ads on the web pages and why not because it is the only way making money for the free TV shows and films streaming sites.

Movies Joy may be a better option according to your needs if you desire an excellent interface and tons of TV shows. Users investigate sites from different countries, the most preferred countries are the USA, UK, Canada, India, and Australia, and It has around 4 million traffic in a month.


LookMovie simply not only a good alternative though it’s so much better CouchTuner, you know two categories within the header of the website, first is for movies the number two is for TV shows. Additionally, it consists of a massive database of videos; you’ll discover all the latest released movies on this site.

LookMovie provides you a perfect looking and attractive design that looks just like a premium movie streaming website. You will notice display ads. However, you wouldn’t see any popup or redirects on this website. Look movie has got a forum for your users, which is certainly a different thing in all TV shows and movie sites to watch online. As stated by the Similar Web, it must around 5 million visitors in a month; a lot of the users derive from the United States, British Isles, Canada, and India.

Movie Ninja

Movie Ninja doesn’t save files on its server; all contents are supplied through others. You’ll be able to stream its TV shows and cinema without sign up; you will likewise see some display ads on the web pages, however not popups. Movie Ninja has around 6 million traffic in one month, its traffic arises from all over the world, yet the most well-liked countries would be the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and Germany. It is a proper restructuring of CouchTuner, so don’t skip it.

Stream Likers

This site has got a simple homepage; you only see a search bar; maybe you can select your TV shows or movie by categories and sections. It recognizes and cares about the users; if you hover your cursor on the thumbnail of the video, you gain a quick information box that’s beneficial to select a movie or TV show. StreamLikers is undoubtedly not a well-known name within the free movie streaming industries, but it surely has got a vast library of TV shows and flicks.

This website is blocked for some countries. You are also able to get a free VPN, and after that, Stream Likers will load normally. StreamLikers doesn’t store any files on its server; all contents are offered via any other companies. This web site gets traffic from all over the world.

Yes Movies

YesMovies is blocked for some countries, that’s why it’s not loading in your countries, then you can use a free or paid VPN. Also, you can skip this web site because there are several other good alternatives of CouchTuner that are supplied in this list. This website came close to the mark as stated by the user experiences and database, but it plainly shows some popups while exploring the location. It provides you a reliable interface and user experiences; the site resembles a premium streaming site.


Vumoo looks like a premium streaming site because all stuff is created among the section, and you explore life is well developed. Like a few other good alternatives of CouchTuner, you may also get the details based on the movie and television shows; you have to click on the thumbnail relating to that. Vumoo a great site; however, it possesses a small database as compared to other alternatives, and that’s the reason this website has around 2 million traffic in a month.

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