Many people from all over the world move to the UK every year. The UK maintains its ancient history and its beauty but also has made advances in its lifestyle to stand with the world. You can also immigrate to the UK easily if you satisfy some requirements. UK solicitors are also of great help in this regard and can make your travels easier. You can contact Immigration Advice Service In London to apply for a specific visa and fulfill its requirements. This article has compiled a list of the easiest ways to immigrate to the UK.

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Why move to the UK?

The UK has many attractive incentives thus many people wish to live there for the longest time possible. The UK provides many advantages for people who want to immigrate temporarily or permanently. The labor market and the economy are the two most important factors influencing human migration.

UK universities are also among the top universities in the world. People often immigrate to the UK to study and then work and permanently live here. As most people around the world know English, the UK is a great country to visit and settle because of the global spoken language.

How to move to the UK?

The UK offers multiple visas for foreigners to immigrate to the UK for all purposes.  One of the most important things to move to the UK is to decide which visa is right for you. Different visas are granted depending upon your purpose of stay and the duration of your stay in the UK.

Operating permit 2

The Tier 1 program with general visa skills was closed in 2011 and could be used to extend the visa in a few other cases. A Tier 2 work permit can be used by people who want to move to the UK for work. The UK provides work visas for 3 years but you can request an extension if your business is still operational.  There are 4 sections of this visa granted:

  • Skilled workers
  • Intra-company transfers
  • Sports Person
  • Minister of Religions

To qualify for this type of visa, it is important that you are offered a job with a legal UK employer and that the employer can prove that a British citizen cannot fill a vacancy. The person should be eligible for the job and should have at least one of the requirements:

  • Diploma degree ready for the position
  • Minimum of 1 year prior experience
  • Maximum experience of 3 years is required as proof that you are eligible for the job offered.

To move to the UK on this visa, the applicant must also obtain at least 70 marks in the Tier 2 points test.

Tier 4 Student Visa

The students who are admitted to UK universities can apply for this visa so that they can live in the UK for the time of their degree.  The student must have:

  • Admittance letter to a UK university and must be allowed to attend the college for 4-5 years.
  • Unless the applicant is a state-sponsored student, he or she must study the minimum English B2 standard for the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)
  • The immigrant must be financially stable and should be able to pay his expenses of living and education.
  • The applicant must not be in a position where he or she may need to rely on public funds

Once the graduation of the student is finished, the student visa ends with it and the student has to move back to  his country after that.

The visa is usually given for 1 year only. Students applying for undergraduate courses can work up to 10 hours a week.

Section 5 UK Work Visas

The categories for section 5 work visas include:

  • Charity Staff – People who come to the UK to do unpaid temporary volunteer work can apply in this field.
  • Creative and Sporting staff category – Professional athletes, talented musicians, and entertainers can apply for this category.
  • Employee Category – The people who travel for religious purposes such as priests and nuns are included in this category
  • Departmental Exchange – People who are part of the government’s employee exchange program may be allowed to apply for a visa at this time.
  • International Agreement Section – This section is for people who come to the UK temporarily to provide services covered by international law.

Permanent residence

Permanent residence in the UK is termed as Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR).  It is granted to people who have proved themselves capable in their temporary visa and the government thinks that they have earned to live in the country definitively. The ILR allows a person to stay in the UK as long as he or she wishes and, after a while, to apply for citizenship.

The requirement of permanent residence varies for every visa type and may be granted early to some and may take some time for others. They should have a good knowledge of UK life and should have a good knowledge of English. For the application, the permanent age limit is between 18- 65 years.  This permanent residence will no longer be valid if you stay for more than 2 years other than the UK. If you maintain the ILR for 5 years, you are eligible to be a candidate for UK citizenship.

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