4 Hacks for Looking Stylish Without Effort

We all know that one woman in our life who seems to roll out of bed, toss her hair in a disheveled bun and look like a supermodel. Yet for the rest of us it seems like even with pounds of makeup on, a designer pair of jeans, and five cups of coffee we can’t seem to look anything other than exhausted and worn out!  Not to mention, who has time these days to put on a full face of makeup every day and also work a full time job and take care of a family anyway?

For this reason many busy women give up on putting in an effort at all. You might be surprised to know, however, that sometimes looking fabulous requires zero exertion at all! It’s simply a matter of knowing the right tips and tricks. Here are some of the handiest hacks for looking stylish with hardly any effort.

Hacks for Looking Stylish

Stock Up on Basics

The first place to start is your wardrobe. You want to stock up on a wardrobe that’s full of timeless basics that can be mixed and matched with multiple things. Rather than filling your closet with a focus on quantity, focus on quality. One good pair of mules is worth 10,000 cheap knockoffs.

Spending your money wisely on high quality classy basics will make getting dressed that much easier. When you go in your closet you know you have only positive quality items to choose from which means no headaches or confusion about what to wear. You know everything is a good choice when you invest in high quality basics. 

Wear Beiges and Neutrals

If you’re someone who struggles to put an outfit together on the fly, then it helps to work with the same palette every time. Beiges and neutrals are almost always a win, and go well in a variety of settings. From professional settings to casual ones, beiges and neutrals are always a great choice.

Less Is More 

If you’re someone who doesn’t have a lot of time and effort to invest into your look every day, then by all means embrace minimalism. Less is more when it comes to looking fabulous, so keep your clothing choices simple and uncluttered. Instead of a lot of busy jewelry or patterns, go for something simple and clean. This minimalistic approach will make you look effortlessly fab.

Practice Self-Care

While a full face of makeup isn’t necessarily a must, self-care and grooming should be. A shower and getting your hair done once in a while goes a long way, particularly if you want to look good without much effort. This is especially important as you get older. Things like skin care will play a big role in your overall appearance, so put in the work now and thank yourself for it later.

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