Cindy landolt Instagram, Twitter, Age, Height, wiki and lesser known facts

Cindy Landolt or Cinderella Landolt was born in Wetzikon, Switzerland, on 11 January 1985. She is 35 years old as of 2020. The Swiss Entrepreneur, Exercise Mode and Personal Trainer, Cindy Landolt was born under Cinderella Landolt. She’s praised for her shredded abs and figure by masses of fans. It allows others to achieve their ambitions and encourages them.

Cindy landolt

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Cindy Landolt Instagram, Twitter, Age, Height, wiki and lesser-known facts

Real NameCinderella Landolt
Date of Birth11 January 1985
Place of BirthWetzikon, Switzerland
ProfessionFitness Trainer, Influencer
Age35 Years Approx ( Nov 2020 )
Height179 cm
Weight80 Kg
Social MediaInstagram – @ cindytraining

Twitter – @ cindytraining

Early Life and Education

Cindy Landolt was born with the baby name Cinderella Landolt on 11 January 1985 in Zurich, Switzerland. It has white ethnicity and is Swiss. She studied fitness and graduated from the Swiss Academy of Fitness. Landolt comes from a small city and grew up around the mountainous and alpine landscape. After years of intensive workouts, she joined the gymnastics team from the early age of 5. She won different medals and was excited about her gymnastic experience. In addition, during her school days, Cindy played in numerous sports such as diving, skiing and snowboarding.

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Physical Appearance

Cindy’s medium height and weight are moderate. She looks very strong in her pictures and is something to go by in comparison to her climate. At the height of nearly 5 feet, Cindy sits at 7 inches, which is 1.79m equal. It has an average height and a modest weight and weighs between 165–180 lbs, which is equal to between 74.8–79.4 kilogrammes. She looks very strong in her pictures and is something to go by in comparison to her climate. At the height of nearly 5 feet, Cindy sits at 7 inches, which is 1.79m equal. It also weighs 165 – 175 pounds or between 74.8–79.4 pounds.


Cindy graduated with her diploma after 3 years of study at the university. It encouraged her to become a fitness trainer. She started to start her own business. She got a bright idea and built an online website. As a personal trainer, she gave her services. In 2016 Cindy, in particular, her abs formed her own figure. She attracted masses of people in social media and became an internet phenomenon as a personal trainer there. Since then she has opened her own gym in Zurich, Switzerland, offering her followers the chance to satisfy their wishes. Cindy is renowned for her shredded abs. But it doesn’t do many sit-ups in the fitness centre. She focuses instead on deadlifts and squats to consolidate and build her mid-range.

As a Bodybuilder

When she was 16, Cindy knew she was not good for gymnastics with her high and excessively muscular frame. It took her a while to get over it, but she chose not to give up her goals entirely, rather change them a little. Cindy started lifting weights at the age of 17 and later became an admissible certified fitness coach at the Swiss Fitness and Sports Academy it took her three years to graduate. She appeared in several bodybuilding events but hasn’t received any noteworthy results; several of her workouts are admired for her abs and she relies on them. Cindy has a special discount for teenagers who want to practise but may not have enough money, and Cindy is owning a fitness centre in Zurich, Switzerland. She works as a model for fitness and has been on the cover pages of several famous magazines, including “She.”

Personal Life

Cindy is a single shredded butt superwoman. Her dating is not gossip and gossip. But she doesn’t plan to get married, she is 30. She’s 30. Instead of getting involved, Cindy is more worried about her future. Her big figure’s secret is diet and exercises. She has a nutrition schedule to improve her physical health with nutritious meals, calcium and green vegetables.


She married Gareth Wayne Ridpath, a motor racing driver. In 2008, she met Greth at a gym. She lives in a two-story apartment in Wollerau Zurich with her husband overlooking the water. Landolt will put 150 pounds deadlift and 100 pounds press for the bench. Its thighs measure about 63 centimetres. For almost 20 years, weight lifting was her life. The 35-year-old had to close her gym in Seefeld Zurich, where she usually spends 10 to 15 hours a day. “Today before the lockdown, I had an oppressive feeling,” says the famous personal trainer. Cindy weighed 59 kilogrammes when she was a model. It’s twenty kilogrammes more today.

Diet Plan and Supplements

Besides preparation, diet plans are also essential for weightlifters. Intake foods such as lean meat, green vegetable and complex carbohydrate. She also believes cheat meals are tolerated because it leads to increased metabolism. Cindy is now using supplements such as whey protein and fat burners to maintain her athletic condition.

Her Passion

She made her love of athletics and gyms outdoors, her career turned. In consequence, her muscular body is revered today. When she was 16, she became tall and robust, so she started to grow an interest in weightlifting at the same time.

Cindy Landolt Net Worth and Social Media

You can claim that because she created her own fitness line, Cindy is an entrepreneur. She’s been living in the city for 15 years. It can then be predicted to gain a net worth of $500,000. But the newspapers may not have the exact profits. It is posted by social media sites with its followers. She has an official Instagram site with a @cindytraining handle with 659K backers and also with 90K. Therefore on Twitter and Facebook, she has no official account. You can also visit the “Cindytraining” page where she has shared videos and galleries.

Workout Routine

 Cindy’s training plan:

  • Monday – Upper Body
  • Tuesday – Back and Posterior Chain
  • Wednesday – Rest
  • Thursday – Chest, Arms, & Abs
  • Friday – Leg Day
  • Saturday – Rest
  • Sunday – Rest

Cindy’s Leg Day

  • Squats – 2 to 3 sets of body weight for 20 reps
  • Stiff-Legged Deadlift – 1-2 sets
  • Leg Press – 2 sets
  • Leg Extensions – 2 sets
  • Leg Curls – 2 sets

Final Words

Hence the article highlights about the famous  Swiss Entrepreneur, Exercise Mode and Personal Trainer, Cindy Landolt – Instagram Personality and Actress from America – Wiki (Wikipedia), Background, Age, DOB, Information, Films, HD Photos and Biodata, Biomass, Family, Parents, Husband, Daughter. Please post your comments below for more adjustments or corrections.

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