Elissa Middleton Height, Age, Net Worth, Wiki, Bio and little known facts

Elissa Middleton was born in the United States and is of white heritage. Elissa Middleton, a brilliant and well-known actress, began her career as a model before venturing into the entertainment world. She is also well-known for being the late actor Clark Middleton’s wife. Despite the fact that she is the wife of a famous actor, producer, and writer, she has made her own route to celebrity.

Elissa Middleton

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Elissa Middleton Height, Age, Net Worth, Wiki, Bio and little known facts

Real NameElissa Middleton
Date of BirthNot Known
Place of BirthNot Known
ProfessionActress Model
AgeNot Known
Height5 feet 4 inches
Net Worth$1M – $2M estimated
RelationshipsM. Clark Middleton (2006 )
CitizenshipUnited States
Social MediaNot Known

Early Life

Elissa Middleton was born in the United States and is of white heritage. Her exact date of birth has not been recorded but is believed to be in the 1970s.


Before becoming a famous actress, elissa middleton worked as a model. Before she became famous, she attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and graduated with a degree in theatre arts. Her first role came in 1999 where she featured on The WB show “Popular”. She featured on the show for two years before joining “All My Children” as Ronn Moss’s ex-wife and mother to Mateo Santos.


She married Clark Middleton in 1997, although they have since divorced. She had met Clark Middleton through her agent, Lorraine Heller. At the time of their meeting, she was already married to Nick Allyson and had two children with him namely Clarke, born in August 1998 and Cody born in December 1998. They also have a daughter named Ella who was born on October 9th 2012. They are also parents to baby ‘Clark Jr.’ who was born in 2001. She is Christian and is often seen attending church and sharing her faith with the world.

Hobbies and Interest

She enjoys listening to and playing music. She jotted down a song for her ex-husband which she later used in their wedding ceremony and she is known to play the bass guitar. She also enjoys dancing, reading, swimming, and writing books.

Elissa Middleton Net Worth

It is not clear how much Elissa Middleton net worth is. It is estimated, however, that her ex-husband Clark Middleton has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Unknown Facts about Elissa Middleton : 

Elissa Middleton stands at a height of 5 feet 2 inches.

She has a slim body build with blonde hair and blue eyes. Her shoe size is said to be 6 (US). Her eye colour has also been described as hazel.

It is also not know what colour of dress she prefers to wear.

Elissa Middleton, being a celebrity, has her own fan following. She is also active on social media where she shares some vital information about herself, as well as her family. She is a fan of the Atlanta Braves and loves playing baseball with her children. She also supports PETA and encourages women to maintain their femininity.

Her favorite holiday destination is Big Sur in California where she enjoys swimming, hiking, and surfing.

Final Verdict

Elissa Middleton is a very versatile actress and is still doing great in the entertainment industry. Despite losing her husband and former co-actor to a heart attack, she still remains strong as she carries on with her life.

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