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If you are looking for a site that could get and help you download all the movies and games and all type of contents without any issue or hurdles though. Then, here we have got this 1337x that could help you to get and access all the contents that have been listed in the particular site for sure. However, you can simply go ahead with these torrent sites that would help you to get a lot of content for entertainment and you can simply keep watching and you can also play games too. We have got a lot of torrent sites that help us to provide complete entertainment though.

However, one such torrent site that is very much popular is 1337x, which is used by a lot of torrent fans and users who really want to get entertained with the help of games and movies though. There are a lot of proxy servers that you can use to download all the games and movies and other different variety of contents too. However, 1337x could be the easiest server that one can simply use without having to struggle for any such usage of torrent sites though.


Well, using this particular site could be a great task for you to get a lot of content that would be totally great entertainment and fun to enjoy and spend time though. Before you go ahead with the torrent sites and their proxies or the mirror sites, we have got a few solutions and strategies that would help you to get access to the 1337x website and you can simply go ahead with the website too. Of course, yes even 1337x torrent site can help you with getting the entertainment package to you, such as movies, latest games, videos, and a lot of other content that will get you to access various sites as in.


Can’t access 1337x?

If you are facing the problem with accessing 1337x torrent site then here we have got this covered for you from all the ways that will help you to get the contents though. However, you have to go ahead with these torrent sites that will let you watch all the newly released contents online, making it easier and very much great at the same time. We have got a few solutions with which you can simply access 1337x and you can also solve the connection problems and issues happening with the server too.

The exact problem could be because of DDoS attacks that cause the site to shut down or not work too. Well, this problem can be solved with the help of the below-mentioned information for sure.


You can use VPN filters that will help you to clear the problems of this particular torrent site though and you just have to make use of VPN, and the particular website could be because of ISP restrictions and blocks. However, there have been complaints from users who are located in UK, USA, India, and Malaysia, with this issue users can simply security encrypt the internet traffic and audience, which will not allow the websites to get filtered.

Try clearing cache

Whenever the browser is stuck the first thing to try is to restart the browser. Later, you can try clearing the cache of your browsing and just try again. You can simply close the browser and just try opening the browser once again. Make sure that you press f5 after you have opened the browser, clearing all the caches of the browser. You should also check the browser if the plugins are disabled in a particular browser. Even this might cause and block the website, portraying it as a faulty browser or the website.

DNS server updates

However, a few users have even tried changing the entire DNS server address and the IP address in the DNS servers particularly. Google public DNS servers have solved the 1337x connection issues and problems and doing this may solve the website restrictions and block issues very easily. You can simply update the DNS server with the new IP address and try opening the website in the browser. There are the best DNS servers available on the internet that you can rely on.

We have got these lists of websites that are proxies and can be used as the mirror sites as well. You can use these proxy sites making it pretty much easy for the users to use though.

Alternative Sites of 1337x in 2020

You can simply use these proxy sites instead of 1337x if the particular torrent site is blocked in your region though.


Rarbg is one of the best and oldest torrent websites that offer file sharing and magnetic links of third party websites using BitTorrent protocol. Founded in 2008, it is not available in many countries. Although, facing some legal issues in some countries but still it is one of the most popular websites that features all types of content including movies, games, TV shows, music videos or albums and other types of entertainment. Rarbg is another 1337x alternative website for many reasons i.e it provides similar content as of 1337x. It has a good user-friendly interface with easy navigation methods i.e. loved by many users.

Kickass torrent

Kickass torrent website is another BitTorrent file-sharing website that offers to download different movies, games, tv shows and other entertainment channels content free of cost. It also features content based on HD quality. Likewise all other torrent websites we can’t say whether it is legal or illegal (safe or unsafe). However, when you look for kickass torrent on the internet you will find a lot of proxy sites that offer similar content. It is one of the best alternatives of 1337x. If you are movies loves and don’t care about copyright content then you should definitely give it a shot.


YIFY Torrents or YTS was another torrent website that was officially launched by Yiftach Swery in 2010. Yify featured content based on movies, music albums, games, sports, magazines and more. However, it was officially shut down in 2015 by MPAA. YIFY could be considered as an alternative of 1337x because a lot of YTS mirror sites still running on the internet that are still receiving a lot of traffic. These sites have high-quality content along with a very good user interface.


We all know that torrent sites are always facing copyright issues due to content. ExtraTorrent is another good 1337x alternative website where users can download; contribute BitTorrent files and magnetic links. ExtraTorrent is also available through proxy or mirror sites. A list of ExtraTorrent proxy sites is available online where you can download, share and contribute the movies, games, music and other entertainment-based media and files. It has a large database of content in HD Quality on various niches.


Bitsnoop is another BitTorrent website that offers torrent files and magnetic links based on HD quality videos, games, music albums etc..It has a large database of content and files which users can download, watch and enjoy. Bitsnoop has a very good user interface, easy to navigate, and high-quality content available at their platform.


Demonoid is a website that offers peer to peer file sharing of torrent files using BitTorrent protocol. Back in 2010, it was one of the most popular websites on the internet but due to stiff competition, the website traffic went down. Demonoid can be considered and one of the best 1337x alternatives for downloading and watching movies, games, sports, TV shows and other entertainment programs. Demonoid has a user-friendly interface i.e. easy to understand and download your favorite movies or TV shows.


Rutracker website is famous in the Russian federation. It provides similar facilities or services to 1337x and other torrent websites. If you are fond of music and movies and love to watch it online then you can give it a try. However, you should be familiar with the Russian Language. It has a large database of content in HD quality and normal quality similar to other torrent websites.


Torlock is one of the best 1377x alternatives that have great features and tools that are liked by the users. It has a great user-interface i.e. easy to understand. The users can watch their favorite TV shows, movies, and games online for free. We are not sure about the copyrighted material as a lot of mirror sites are also live on the internet. However, you can watch or download movies without any interference.


Nyaa is a Japanese torrent known for providing anime movies. While Nyaa is discontinued but still there are a lot of proxy sites and mirror sites are available that provide similar content. It has an extensive collection of films, audios, software, pictures, literature, on different categories or genres. If you are anime lover the definitely can use it as a 1337x alternative.


EZTV is a torrent website that offers a wide variety of content. It is famous among the users that offer large content based on movies, TV shows, and music albums. The user interface of EZTV is very good and easy to understand which is loved by many users.


This is one of the popular proxies that has been in the user’s mind since the 1337x has been restricted and been put in the not working list too. This proxy is very much faster as compared to other proxy sites and mirror sites as well.


This is another popular proxy or the mirror site instead of using 1337x, which can provide you the same features and benefits as 1337x as such. It is still working and another popular proxy site that has been in the trending list making it very much popular and it of course quite fast too.


Another best proxy site of 1337x trending in the list of this particular proxy site and mirror sites. X1337x could be totally great for getting all the online content downloading them directly to your computer though. This particular proxy site will make it easier for you to download all the contents such as videos, movies, games, and music.


This is online currently and can be used just like the other proxies that are available online and on the internet. However, not just these mirror sites, there are a lot of other such popular sites, and you can simply use it for sure. 1337x.tv could be the best pick for working as a proxy instead of the original site though.


Hence, you might have got the list of these best proxy sites that you can use it when the original site is shut down or are not accessible. However, before trying out the proxy sites you can simply make use of the listed solutions.


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