Bringing Personality to Bedrooms with Quick Renovations

Is your bedroom somewhere you only spend time to get in and out of bed or is it where you’ll spend most of the day? We all use our bedrooms in different ways, be it the student at the table every evening, the casual gamer trying to get a few games in before dinner, or someone looking to curl up and get comfy with a book.

At this time of year, adding a little splash of colour or bringing new features to the bedroom can help to lift the mood of your bedroom dramatically. Now, that doesn’t require a full renovation that upends your week or repainting the bedroom. With just a few simple changes, you can improve how you use your bedroom, and I’m going to highlight four almost too easy methods of doing so.

Bedrooms with Quick Renovations

Connecting the Dots (or Echos)

Have a home where you feel like you need to get a megaphone out every evening to call everyone down for dinner? Smart speakers in bedrooms not only help tie everyone together, but they’re also quite adept of helping the whole family stay on top of reminders.

Just a few Amazon Echos or Google Nest speakers plugged in and linked to the wi-fi can give everyone the chance to play their favourite music in their rooms, but most now have the option of broadcasting and setting parental controls. For example, parents can adjust what music and YouTube videos can be watched with simple parental controls, and can send voice messages directly to a speaker if need be.

Oh, and with the likes of Spotify, you can get the family on a cheaper plan so multiple users can play their preferred music in their bedrooms. Still, having the convenience of being to broadcast its dinnertime throughout the house is just fantastic.

LED-ing the way

LED bedroom lights are incredibly popular amongst teenagers right now, as they’re seen as being calming and able to add some ambience to what can usually be a dull bedroom.

Most reputable brands sell strips which can be synced to TVs and music (again, going back to smart speakers) to turn any bedroom into a mini club. If you can remember a time when kids used to put those glow in the dark stars and shapes on the bedroom ceiling to go at night, you’re going to love having LED strips installed. And I can promise strips can come off easier than those plastic stars ever did. I think I have a bedroom upstairs where I just gave up trying to pull them off and painted over them.

Upgrading your radiators

I’m writing this as we move into the colder months of the year. For homes where parents are going to continue to work from home, or students now taking classes online, bedrooms are becoming everything from makeshift offices to study areas. If you have a bedroom where radiators are temperamental and never heat up properly, now is the time to get some new radiators to take pride of place.

Like most things we shop for these days, you’ll get a better day if you shop online, so do as the professionals do and look around trade stores. For example, has a great range of designer radiators that can easily fit in any bedroom.

When buying radiators for a bedroom, always be cautious about the size, as you’ll want to save as much space as possible in what typically are the smallest rooms of the home.

Letting the ivy grow

Most people will consider ivy as an invasive plant when it grows outside a house, but did you know that it is incredibly easy to look after indoors. If you’re the kind of person who has lofty ambitions to fill a trolley when visiting IKEA, only to find yourself buying a mini cactus, get a small plant pot and put some ivy in.

It grows considerably slower than what you’ve been led to believe and looks great if you have a bedroom with shelves high up, as it can hang over without interruption. On the other hand, if you’re dead against having a hanging plant, get a Sansevieria for your desk; it’s a bit like a cactus but without those pesky spines.

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