How to Keep the Winter Blues at Bay

Everybody feels down from time to time. With the decrease in natural vitamin D during winter, you might experience more down days over this period. The good news is that there are ways to combat this – you don’t have to deal with feeling sad, grumpy, or tired every day. To help you experience a winter full of joy, read on.

winter blues

Make Your Home Cozy and Warm

Going back to a welcoming, warm, and comfortable home is crucial for a positive state of mind. Once you are under a blanket with a seasonal candle on and a mug of hot chocolate in hand, all will feel right once more. So, when the weather starts to turn, get to work on cozying up your house as much as possible with warm blankets and soft rugs.

Sometimes, the winter blues might make you feel more fatigued than usual, too, so try to make your house maintenance as easy as possible, too. Snowblowers will help you clear the driveway of snowfall, ensuring you can drive out without worry. A humidifier is also a great investment, as it will keep the moisture in the air well-balanced.

Try Light Therapy

If the winter blues are particularly concerning, then light therapy might be a solution. You can get light therapy boxes for the home, allowing you to get your daily dose of light in the morning before you start your day. If it works for you, it could make you feel more positive, energized, and motivated.

Cook Warm, Wholesome Meals

Good food always makes people feel better. Even if you’re tired from the day, try to put some effort into cooking warm, wholesome winter meals like soups, casseroles, and chili. You could always batch cook so that you have some yummy dinners waiting for you even when you’re too tired to cook! The vitamins and nutrients will help keep your body and mind healthy, which is especially important during the cold months.

Stick to an Exercise Routine

Exercise might not be the immediate thing you want to do on a freezing winter morning, but it’s important that you incorporate it into your usual routine. Not only will the movement help keep you warm, but the exercises themselves will boost endorphins – the happy hormone. Try sticking to a workout plan for a week and see how much better you feel!

Make Exciting Plans

Having something to look forward to is a mood booster. You could make plans for the holiday season, book a getaway for January, or start planning your next summer vacation. It doesn’t matter – what matters is that you have an activity or getaway that you can look forward to.

Seek Professional Help if Needed

If the winter blue starts to feel like depression, then you should seek professional help. A couple of down days is quite normal, but if you feel consistently down and you have little motivation to do any of these other activities, consider looking for a counselor or speaking with your doctor. At the very least, reach out to friends and family. There is always help out there; you just need to seek it out!

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