The Best Places to Exchange Money When Traveling in Geneva

As soon as you catch your Geneva airport transfer and you get to your destination, you might think about exchanging money in order to enjoy everything Geneva has to offer. As we all know, money is one of the most important matter you must manage when travelling abroad, so being informed about the best places to exchange money when travelling in Geneva is compulsory.

Where is the best exchange rate in Geneva? We provide you with the answer you need. Find out about the best commission, additional services and the divergence between exchange rate and you’re all set to enjoy your trip more. Here is the list with the best places to exchange money when travelling in Geneva that makes sure your stay there is sorry-free.

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Migros exchange is one of the most popular money exchange places in Geneva because they operate since 1961 and has gained a lot of trust since then. You’ll find such places in several locations around Geneva and they all have the best exchange rates for all major world currencies.

Commission is 0% and better rates apply if you change over CHF 1000.

  • Change du Leman – Change du Mont-Blanc

You’ll find this exchange office right behind the border Moillesulaz, so you get the chance to exchange your money even before arriving in Geneva. It changes ny currencies from and to euros and the commission is again 0%.

  • Gare Cornavin SBB Exchange

This place waits for you in the train station, but it is located on all the major train stations across Switzerland, so it is very easy to access. You can change a wide range of currencies here, but you can make sure you’re all set even before arriving there. SBB exchange offers interesting services such as ordering exchange online, on the condition that the commission is 4 CHF. You can save time, but it comes with a cost.

  • Cambio Change

You find Cambio exchange outside the train stations. It offers good exchange rates in almost seventeen world currencies, with a commission of 0%. It’s easy to access and it provides trustworthy services.

  • Lyland Finance Change

On Rue de Mont Blanc 22 you will find another trustworthy money exchange office. You can exchange any currency here, with a 0% commission.

  • Geneva Airport- Global Exchange

Right after getting off the plane, you can exchange your money at this provider. There are about 5 such exchange offices there, that have strict rules regarding the value you want to exchange. For changing money over CHF 400, you will enter the buy-back services, but no fee will be administrated if you change money of value over CHF 800.

As you can see, Geneva has great services when it comes to exchanging money. You must choose the one which is more convenient for you and you’re all set to enjoy everything this city has to offer. It’s easy to enjoy every part of the city when you have the right currency in your pocket.

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